Wednesday, 14 April 2010

2Sure2Shizzy...The Nigerian Weezy


The camera work on the video is pretty good though!

Shouts to Funk Butcher yet again!

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  1. Nigerian Lilwayne AMEMU LICKED.

    Laugh…. ehehnn ehehnn
    Its your boy 2shizzy
    OB on the beat yoh

    emu in my body
    emu in my vein heh.
    mo memu ni bayen
    mo memu ni bi bayii

    they say i'm always with palm wine tapper
    but they know i'm a rapperz with camera snapper
    paparapa ni trailer man dun tawa balo si alaba
    I'm hill father fucker i'm drunk.

    oh ma clock say oh my talk say
    you wear timberland me I wear timber laugh
    when you cry me I laugh when you laugh me i cry
    but once in a year me I cry.

    This make me remember when I was in tamper
    Smoking marijuana, speaking many grammer
    there I brought my swagger together
    telling my brother, father, mother
    da I wanna be a singer

    Taba ri tooto ka tete so
    Taba riro katete so
    Fashola she titi, tobatiwu citizen keme she enviromental
    Aro meta Obafemi she instrumenT.
    Ehehnn yeah
    Watch your left watch your right
    Fashola has done is own best
    2 years to come 9ja will be small london, small japan
    Afghanistan. Dindin yeah

    Nigga this my sample
    Tell me if you like it
    Wizzy crib wizzy trip for my country
    Saying I’m tuffer than 9gerian hemp
    Me my self I’m hutter than Jamaican hemp

    Tell me if I’m drunk baby?
    Bakadi pumping Hennesy pumping
    moe pumping Champyne pumping
    Emu oguro, Emu oguro, Emu oguro, pumping
    So tell me where are the rest of your puppies
    I will always speak the truth even though I get drunk
    Cos oro ashiwere lon taju yeaah.
    Please please rate fashola as the best governor of the year
    Cos oti she ju ehan… Oti she ju ehehnn

    Alright listen up
    Straight down to the network make una shope lowo obasanjo
    Oko mobile wole everybody dey buy credit
    Woni moti blow to tori motin loo glooo
    Woni kinlora zain kinto lefe zainabu

    MTN wapati mi won kunle laro yellow
    Everybody put on yellow, heellow, yellow yeah
    Everybody come dey mellow yeaah

    9labalaba’s 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9
    9 butterfly all around me ETISALAT. YEAH
    etisalat etisalat etisalat Yeahh,,,
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yaah,yeah yeah yeah yeaaahhh

    Hum hum are we drunk “ehehnn”
    Tell me! Are we! are we drunk
    No ehehnn and my cloth say and my Talk say
    I’m drunk, Father fucker I’m drunk.