Monday, 29 March 2010

Shave my monkey, paint it blue, and let me grab my camcorder....

I have seen a load of pretty amazing video work lately, whereby the craft, and quality of visuals have been both innovative, and well executed. Recent offerings by the Black Eyed Peas (Meet Me Halfway), Lady GAGA (Bad Romance) and Jay-Z(On to the Next One), had very strong elements of high fashion shoots, and of interesting styling, set design, and computer graphics.

So what’s my point?

The reason why this is even worth mentioning, the decline in music sales in the last decade, meant a steady decrease in promotional budgets. This had a knock on effect on the budgets on music videos. Basically, budgets dropped, a lot, and the previous decadent, innovative and lavish music videos, with a cast of thousands of shaved monkeys painted blue, eating 24 carat gold bananas is sadly, no more.

The high concept video seemed to go out the video, and suddenly videos shot infront of a white or black screen, with an eye on small Screen Youtube hit numbers, and not the ‘wow’ factor of television, became the boring norm. The whole art of video making declined till the point where you have shoddily filmed, and lit low budget video’s like Pitbull-I Know You Want Me getting 112million hits.

Knowing that Kelis is about to drop an album, was exciting enough, but then she went ahead and dropped this video, and some of my lost faith in humanity was restored.

This is an amazing looking piece of art, it includes stunning lighting, and visuals, imaginative set design, and some beautiful make up, and is about to put a seismic dent in the game!

Where Kelis goes, others are bound to follow, and between her and GAGA, there are about to start being some amazing looking videos, and songs dropping from other female artists in the near future.

Good fucking show!!

Low budget film making is a tricky field do do well in.

I'm not necessarily talking about being successful in the field, with the right branding, a low budget film can potentially do very well at the box office. However, doing well in terms of making a great film, with little-to-no money for good camera equipment, and professional actors, also good locations can be a nightmare, and ultimately lead to a poorly shot, acted and executed film.

I'm always blown away therefore, when one is not only well acted, written and effectively shot, but it also so emotionally charged, that in can bring a tear to my eye.

Watching 'Chop Shop' is like getting kicked in the stomach by reality, it's both uplifting to the soul, and heartbreaking in equal measure, and honestly made me want to blub like a baby.

Alejandro is a Latino orphan in New York city who is precariously balanced on the thin line of legal, and illegal on his mission to hustle P's, survive, and to look after his older sister Isamar. This kid has brass balls, is both very tough, and street smart and the film focuses on his struggle to set him, and his sister up with a small business, which will mean they don't have to swim in the sewer-like streets of NYC. He struggles to keep his sister on the straight and narrow, a roof over their heads, and through the difficult transition from boyhood into manhood.

The film fills you with a sense of pride for the kid, even the most desperate steps Alle is forced to take, your there with him, willing him to succeed, and to get away without getting arrested.

This film is well shot, beautifully acted by a non-professional cast on location, for a breathtakingly low budget, and although it's been out for a few years now (it was released in 2008), it's well worth copping a copy from, or downloading it.

I personally found it a couple of years back on one of those film streaming websites, but thought it to be such an amazing film, that I ordered a copy of the DVD.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


For all those that don't have work etc 2moro, come down to The Alibi tonight, its for a good cause after all!

Death at a funeral (trailer)

Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence & Tracey Morgan...say no more!

R.I.P Rhythm Division

Being from East London, Rhythm Division was one of the first record shops I came across & copped tunes from!

The physical store itself shut yesterday,but you can still cop stuff online from

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Erykah Through my window...

Erykah Badu-Window Seat

Who else could make getting naked in a music video a political statement?

She moves like a athlete in this, like a Panther, on the prowl.

I love when a simple idea, is executed well in music videos. This obviously didn't cost much to make, didn't take to much time to film, but the impact is 50 times what any big budget would have been able to achieve.

You have to love Erykah for her sheer creative output.

Palladium lace up their boots & get into this thing we do called 'Pirate Radio'

Money Money Money

I dont tend to share my tastes in 'Road Rap' with you guys on the blog but something about this track has me reloading it on a daily basis!

Big up Fem Fel & Ms Bell for sending it my way!

Hype Means Nothing X Fiat 500 by intersection

J.Cole on SXSW, Drake & more!

Dare I say I'm looking forward to his album more than Drake's?

Thursday, 25 March 2010




This weekend's recommendations!

G Frsh X Luke Monaghan

btiw: G FRSH from Luke Monaghan on Vimeo.

Shouts to Luke & all the ATCN crew


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kicks Of The Day!

Nike SB Dunk SKUNK...crazy colour, but the stash pocket sold me!

Shank Album Launch @ Mash

There's a DJ playing funky on this, he's really good.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Make sure you've got a spare 15 minutes before you click play!

Nathan Sawaya 'Brick by Brick'

More lego creations...anyone in NYC between now & April 13th head down to the Agora gallery!


The latest addition to the G-Shock family...The G-1800

Monday, 22 March 2010


Mos in London equals many woop woops!

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Catch me down there on the decks!

Soul Glo

Feeling this!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Adjective to your mutha!!!

Reggie Watts is a ...well, he's a musician, I think, technically, but he's also a comedian, but I don't know if he makes funny music, or musical comedy.....

Hmm, fuck-shit all that anyway.

I just discovered this video whilst perusing the inter-web looking for *ahem* specialist adult entertainment, and put the words "fuck shit" into google.

He's baaad!

So I did a bit more browsing, and discovered this video, which shows his talents go beyond saying rude words, and scathing social commentaries of Hip Hop culture over a beat.....

He can also beat boxes tooo!!!!!

Surely the best skill ever!!!

Well, apart from being able to touch your nose, with your tongue, and to make balloon animals, obviously!

He has a serious singing voice also, which means despite being really hairy, and looking like he might smell a bit, he'll still draw all the Gash!!

Some brers really DO have it all!

Adidas are my favourite sports/steeetwear brand, they always come with some creative fire which strays far away from the well-trodden path that most other major sports wear brands stick too.

So it's with no small amount of pleasure that I present the new video look book to you guys.

It makes my heart sing with delight, when I see women looking beautiful on video, without being objectified, and made to look like pretty little brainless show ponies.

So it was with delight that i clocked Ciara, Agyness Deyn and a host of other independent, feisty intelligent women strutting out their personalities, and of course they fine arses too, around in what is, quite frankly, a wickedly sexy summer collection.


*Snaps finger, and wags neck*

Anyway, I'm off to practice my own beat boxing, as it ensures my future Youtube notoriety, and societies acceptance of me not ever shaving my face, or washing my balls ever again!!

Rusko- Woo Boost (video)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Kano - The jack bauer mixtape

Something new from K to the A, hope its better than the last track he put out!

Download HERE

For The Weekend

The pick of this weekend's nights,

Dont forget about the 'Bring The Noise' event is on @ the Tate Modern on sunday, Tinie Tempa, Goldielocks, Cooly G + more will be there!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Beamer, Benz or Bentley? erm how about a Bendy Bus?

I had pretty much given up on Lloyd Banks until I heard this, been on heavy rotation stiiiill

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Ok, I know I'm late on this, but I will DEFINITELY be reaching. JHEEEEEZ!

Consequence - Movies on demand (mixtape)

I've never been the biggest consequence fan, but his recent tracks have definitely been to my liking & so I'm giving his new mixtape the thumbs up!

Check it out here

Kicks Of The Day!

Previews of The Jordan Summer 2010 collection

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Your Mum!

Happy Mother's Day to all mumsies, muvs, mommas & motherf#uckers!

Friday, 12 March 2010

New Slick Rick Freestyle...

Heavy freestyle from London's slickest, who drops some lines of wisdom on our rasses as expected.
Not too much to say on this apart from Slick, you're my number one eye patch Don. (With Gabrielle coming a close second).
He tells us, amongst other things that, 'someone got to rule this planet right' . Ooh, political. I vote you Rick, with your weird Anglo/American rhymes and stories of teenage love. Yes, definitely you.

I'm a general you just about made it a sarge!

R.I.P Esco

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce Telephone Vid..about fuckin time!!!

This is an actual short film, it's very sexy, it's pretty funny, and both girls would catch a repeated beating!!!

Keep an eye out for the heavy product placement too, she may have sold out completely, but you can't blame her, them shoes don't buy themselves!!

Anyway, ladies and gentleman, I give you....Telephone!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

It's hard being White. Not that I'd know.

Wow, Ashdot man is a regular Martin Luther. Well, if Mr King was a shit white wannabe rudeboy with embarrassing hand gestures and groundbreaking night vision skills on the old home video.Skandal, a real white rapper with actual skills bought this to my attention and I thought it only right that I shared it to you all, as there is so much injustice in the world.

Good old Ashdot does go on to make clear his exact pigmentation so we don't get confused, saying 'I'm not actually white, I'm more of a whitish pinky cream colour'. Thanks Ash. At last someone just had the balls to say it, white people get a hard time too, you know?

Sometimes you need to just stand up, wipe the tears of persecution from your eyes and declare: 'I'm white.'Poor Ashdot goes on to say 'I'm White,you might think that I'm shite because I'm white'...No, Ashdotman, you're just shite.

ps. I hope this is an ironic joke that I just haven't got, Please.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I don't wanna say the 'L' word but wow....

Some butch gyal in 'ere ya kna!

I would quite frankly be scared to meet any of these girls in a dark alway, and i ain't too man to admit it!!

This is an old school gem i stumbled across, it's from back in the 00's.

If you search SB.TV, you'll find a couple of hot F64's from a few of these girls, No Lay, and Lioness especially.

Quality of spitting on this varies a lot, but there are definitely some hot bars to listen out for!

10 Deep Spring 2010 preview

Spring 2010 - Lookbook Preview Vid from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

Tron Legacy

All my 80's babies should be familiar with 'Tron', the first film to ever use computer graphics extensively. I watched it quite a few times growing up & when I saw the teaser trailer for the sequel back in the summer...I felt like a 5 year old again!

Cant bloody wait mate!

A bit hazy around the edges.....*Fall's over*

Kid Cudi ft. MGMT- Pursuit Of Happiness

What is up with Kid Cudi!? He's an international recording artist, has killer style, and bag's of female admirers, and yet he still insists on making music about being uber-depressed, and disjointed from reality...

Dude needs to grow a floppy fringe, don some eyeliner, and do Emo properly if he's gonna get all moany on us!

Maybe he should just lay off the weed?!

Anyway, songs good, in that it makes me feel like i just downed a big'ole hash cake, and I have blurry vision, and wobbly leg's, which is certainly a diffrent experience from the usual Hiphop tracks.

Go cop his album, if for no other reason than he's bloody innovative, and Rappers should see a reward for taking chances creativily, and you never know, all that extra cash in his account may actually cheer the poor bastard up a little bit!!


Tuesday, 9 March 2010


R.I.P to the best that ever did it (say something!)13 years today...

Had to put this up as a tribute, one of my faves & the inspiration for PNB!

Bring The Noise!

"Performances, events & workshops that respond to and resonate with Chris Ofili's Tate exhibition"

What more is there to add?

Oh yeah you can see the Ofili exhibition for £5 if youre under 26 & have id

Check the flyer for the line up & info, if you need more...

Kicks Of The Day!

Nike X Nunca - Dunk High AC QS


T-Pain’s animated homage to the Atlanta Spring Break fiesta Freaknik, which at one point attracted more than 250,000 people, until it was shut down in the late 90s.

The one-hour special took two years to create, and features T-Pain as a party ghost, Lil Wayne as Jesus, Snoop Dogg, Keri Hilson, Kelis, Big Boi, Rick Ross, George Clinton & Bootsy Collins. Saturday Night Live comedians Andy Samberg and Bill Hader round out the bill.

‘Freaknik’ focuses on a group of students hoping to revive the party.

Monday, 8 March 2010

The ONLY night you should be concerned with this upcoming weekend!

P Money, Tim & Barry, Dont watch that's PWBC, 7oel & a few suprise guests!

Email your names & email addresses to to get on our limited £3 concessions list.

Talib Kweli & Hi Tek - In This World (video)

Building anticipation for that new Reflection Eternal album 'Revolutions Per Minute'

Friday, 5 March 2010


So here it is...the first official single from Drizzy Drake's forthcoming debut 'Thank Me Later' (unless they've changed the title!)

Its weird that its been a whole year since I got told to check the kid out!

Check it out here


New Gorillaz Video...

Align Centre
Oh Shitttt. This video is SO HEAVY. I love it when real things mix cartoon things, takes me back to the days of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' when I literally couldn't even comprehend how it was done, and thought it was some kind of voodoo. Anyway, this video is totally worth the hype, and is siccck. (Despite balhead Bruce and his bad acting. Not that I expect anything less from him, sigh).

Anyway, video is amazing, even though it is about 87 times better than the track. Thank God for Mos Def who kills it, even though he's only on it for a hot minute.Still, hottest minute of my life.

Big up Gorillaz on this one! Death, cars guns and Bruce, what more could you want? Exactly, nada.

Freak in every sense of the word...

Estelle, new video, young Missy Elliot, Shinny faced, pure switch ups, and surprises in the song.

What more would you like to know?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Gucci Icon-Temporary flash sneaker store

the Gucci Icon-Temporary flash sneaker store is heading for London, the store not only houses exclusive sneaker styles from the Icon Temporary collection, but special location specific Gucci Ronson sneakers (as the namesake suggests, these are collaborative sneakers created by Gucci with musician Mark Ronson) which will also be released for the London opening.

37 Earlham Street | Map
London WC2

Opening Date: April 22nd (Thursday)

Shadrack & The Man Dem

This is too much, I'm crying...lmao!

Shadrack & The man dem are serious, I've just been informed that they'll be one of the special guests @ Bar a Bar in Stokey for 'Family' this saturday.

As if you needed an extra incentive to reach anyway!

Follow them on twitter here

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Supreme Spring/Summer Collection

I'm in love with the new Supreme collection scheduled for a release in the coming weeks. From belts to bags to the customary array of tees, chinos, jeans and various bits and bobs [yup there's even nun chucks] Supreme are absolutely killing it on the contemporary streetwear scales. With the collection dropping in the NYC store tomorrow, I'm hopefully going to get my hands on a few bits via a few tactfully placed friends stateside. Take a peek at the pictures below with the rest on show here. Nice.