Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A bit hazy around the edges.....*Fall's over*

Kid Cudi ft. MGMT- Pursuit Of Happiness

What is up with Kid Cudi!? He's an international recording artist, has killer style, and bag's of female admirers, and yet he still insists on making music about being uber-depressed, and disjointed from reality...

Dude needs to grow a floppy fringe, don some eyeliner, and do Emo properly if he's gonna get all moany on us!

Maybe he should just lay off the weed?!

Anyway, songs good, in that it makes me feel like i just downed a big'ole hash cake, and I have blurry vision, and wobbly leg's, which is certainly a diffrent experience from the usual Hiphop tracks.

Go cop his album, if for no other reason than he's bloody innovative, and Rappers should see a reward for taking chances creativily, and you never know, all that extra cash in his account may actually cheer the poor bastard up a little bit!!


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