Friday, 31 December 2010

Not a 2010 roundup post...

I really don't wanna do what most other bloggers are doing with the 2010 summary shiz, but I can't let the last 365 go without sending some shouts...

So, much love to everyone who's supported in 2010 & Massive shouts to;

Tim, Barry, Cannon & all of the 'Dont Watch That TV' fam, Fivestar & everyone at Trapstar, Sam @ New Era, Andy & Joe 'Oi You', James Rubin & The 'Whats Good' crew, Cable, Martelo, Yasmin, Snips, 7OEL, Craig Wah Day, Khalil, Joe Grime, Oneman, Klose One, The Heatwave fam, all the Pitch Controllers, Rude Kid, Swindle, Charlee Brown, Kish, Brad Farrant, Loren, Sara & All The 'Work it Girls', everyone involved in The Bang Bang, Barney & Youssef @ GRIND, everyone @ Mash, Ronojoy @ Nike, The Mutate Britain/Cordy House family, JC & the Ape Apparrel fam, Loudmouth, K-nite & The Lemonade Money lot, Nu Brand, Mo Ali, Leila Spin, all the BNTL boys The two Kyles of Wholesome, J.P & Hyperfrank, Sian, Jamie Howard, Tan, the whole team (you know who you are!) + anybody who I've worked with in 2010 and forgotten to mention!

And of course anyone who's shown love to the Party N Bullshit movements and my own, wether you came to parties, clicked on posts, listened to mixes, recommended me for something or whatever...more good shit coming your way 2011, your support is appreciated!


I'm a motherfuggin Monster....

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

End of year shiz...

Its that time again, see out 2010 with one or more of these parties...starting tonight with 'Hot Wuk' @ East Village!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Skepta - Mike Lowery (official video)

This got dropped at the end of the Boy Better Know set @ Rinse/FWD at Fabric Last night...first Skepta tune I've felt in a minute!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Xmas Freeness....

I was far too busy stuffing my face, smoking spliffs & drinking whatever booze was in reach yesterday to really get on the net & take advantage of the freeness the UK's top artists & producers were throwing out in festive spirit...

Below is my pick of the bunch...


Friday, 24 December 2010

Rozay for Xmas?

Ricky Ross has dropped his new 'Ashes to Ashes' mixtape on the eve of xmas, with this & the new grime mix from Complex & JP below...the soundtrack to my present wrapping is sorted!

Download HERE

The Gully Santa

I'm far too shattered from my pre & post party exploits to wanna blog on xmas eve but I have to share this with you!

Good mates of mine DJ Complex & JP in association with King Apparel have dropped a tidy new grime cd in time for crimbo!

Download by right clicking & saving HERE

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Bass & Grime...

2 big bass driven parties tonight for those not coming to our secret xmas do with The Dont Watch That fam!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

ACHT Sneaker Sessions - JORDAN

Learn a bit about your J's.

"These were said to be Michael Jordan's favorite shoes, he wore them during the 1988 Dunk Championship (which he won) and were the first Jordans to feature the "NIKE AIR" logo on the back (later replaced by the Jumpman logo, with the words "AIR" underneath it). This Tinker Hatfield design is what sealed Jordan's commitment with Nike."

Monday, 20 December 2010

Jim Jones - Blow Your Smoke

Looks like Jimmy is getting down with the weed raps. Who can blame him, its not a bad tune either. A nice beat and good visuals, Blow Your Smoke is set to be the first single of his upcoming Capo album.

PS. Rells back too.

Pull Up Dat 2011

So Dexplicit has remade his remix of the Grime classic 'Pull Up Dat' (vid below if you're unfamiliar!) I dont know if I like this or Pow 2011 more...both bangers, definitely making the cut for my next monthly mix

Foward Forward!


Calling all UK Hip Hop fans in the capital tomorrow night....this should be worth getting your kicks all snowy for!

Stalley - Hercules (Video)

HERCULES from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Had this on rotation last few weeks, niceness!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Jammer - Back to the 90s (Official Video)

Those Moschino & Bushkin, House Party vibes!

Wholesome Birthday Mix...

Our friends at WHOLESOME celebrated the 1st birthday of their store in Shoreditch over the weekend & asked me to make em a 100% Hip Hop mix to mark the occasion....tracklisting above, have a listen & Download HERE.

Shouts to Kyle & Kyle + Jimi Crayon on the artwork!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Killing Hipsters

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Rob Roy

Apparently this guy Rob Roy is going to be big. He reminds me a tad of Andre three stacks which is never a bad thing. He's got an album in the works and from this song im looking forward to hearing it.
But that hasn't dropped so just check out his new song Carmencita.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

TRON x Playboy

Titties & Tron, can't say its a bad thing

The Cool Kids - Big Talk (video)

Big Talk from Chuck & Mike...nuff said

Monday, 13 December 2010

Tim & Barry TV Series 2: Ep4 Nate

So PNB family member Nate is the centre of attention for the fourth episode of Tim & Barry TV's 2nd wave...

He ate this beat...shouts to Footsteps on the buttons too, look out for another episode featuring Nate dropping soon!

Hard Ass Sessions Vol IV

Read full review of Hard Ass Sessions Volume IV - Dubbel Dutch / Seiji / Various on ©

Some goodness on this release from Enchufada featuring Martelo vs Canablaster & Seiji + more!


Thoughts on Detox...

You know what, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about Detox actually happening...

When '2001' dropped in 1999, I wasn't reading XXL or The Source regularly, I didn't have MTV or The Box at home, I wasn't even the biggest Dre fan if I'm honest. I remember seeing the CD in HMV and parring it for another album (of which I won't be mentioning lol). I wasn't familiar with the artist features (Eminem, Snoop, Nate Dogg & Mary J aside)... to be honest I wasn't really much of a West Coast Hip Hop fan, my cd collection was pretty much NY rap heavy.


Since getting bought the album as a present, doing a bit of homework and getting into '2001''s predecessor 'The Chronic' and the best of Dre's catalogue, plus the Aftermath label's output since the good doctor's last album I've built up great anticipation of 'Detox' like I'm sure all Dr Dre fans out there have.

'Kush' the leaked buzz track turned single has gotten a lukewarm response from the blog world & people I've spoken to about it, some love the production & the familiar territory, others hate it simply for the Akon feature or laziness of Dre enlisting Snoop for another weed song. The video has gotten some hate too (or maybe I follow too many stylists & fashion heads on Twitter?)

Personally, I'm satisfied by 'Kush' what the fuck has Dre really got to talk about (get ghostwriters to write about) besides being a Hip Hop god, having money & smoking weed, really? Akon doesn't ruin it, it WILL be a big club tune over the next few months & its just a teaser to what will hopefully be one of the best LPs of 2011. The video is so so, pretty good for an ass/titties/balling promo to be honest!

News that my favourite rapper of the moment who happens to be a Compton native like Dre; Kendrick Lamar is recording material for the album has increased anticipation on my part (check the vid below) as well as new Aftermath signees Slim Da Mobster & Hayes (who's joint signed to Timbaland also)

So for the time being I'm hopeful but still a tad skeptical, will keep you lot posted on news!

Pow 2011 (Video Teaser)

Looking major!

Student Protests X Tempa T...

Thursday, 9 December 2010


BEAT THIS is the new producer series from the brains of Tim & Barry, its something they started back in 2007 that got put on the back burner but with a little kick up the arse from yours truly its on & popping for 2010 & beyond!

The deal is, we go into the workspace of a producer & give them 10 minutes to make a beat with a few cameras capturing the magic.

Check out Swindle's 10 minute Funky House creation above & like I say in the on the video using the youtube comments!

Look out for more coming soon!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Pac Div - Cringe

I've been listening to these 3 guys from Cali for a hot minute, but for some reason I didnt blog it.
Pac Div are a 3 man rap collective from the west coast, similar to Dom Kennedy they are new breed of Cali rappers still trying to bring the Hip Hop back to the west [when it left, who knows?].
They've dropped a few mixtapes, around 3 to be precise "Church League Champions" being my favourite, heres a new track they put out last night via twitter featuring another LA native Blu.

Here's some footage from their show in Toronto thrown in for good measure, if anyone knows the name of the beat in the background let me know!

High and Hello Presents : Rich Kidd x PacDiv Live in Toronto from High & Hello on Vimeo.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Zoot rolling a la Wiz Khalifa...

Its not how we do it in London* but still...

here's Wiz Khalifa schooling you weed bunning newbies out there how to roll a spliff,


*you need a quarter to half a cigarette mixed with the weed round here and the roach goes in first too!

Night Slugs Free Party @ East Village...

Definitely one to reach this week!

RBMA: Class of 2010

Our mate Verena from Kids of The Underground/Kids of Grime got some good footage from saturdays event...look out for Nate's bait face among many others!

Street Talk UK: Student Demo Special

Kevin Lanre & his team braved the snow and hit the student protests last week in the capital to get some very interesting views from the students themselves & onlookers.

Theophilus London - Oops

Theophilus london covers a Tweet classic. A new crunchy beat and Theo keeps the flow tight which is always a winner, plus theres lots of Lindsay Lohan to look at.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

INSA: 'Graffiti Fetish' Tea Set

So Insa has dropped this 'Graffiti Fetish' tea set via Click for art which is available to cop from their site now, only 250 pieces so hurry!

I'm pretty sure Insa could paint his shit & people would want it!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dom K- Life as I know it

A nice short video from one of my favourite rappers at the moment, Dom Kennedy. Shot by Levi Meastro it gives a little insight into the workings of one of California's new school of rappers.

This is DOM KENNEDY (Life As I Know It) from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Thats a sweet bike he's got too.

The TN is back...

Anyone under the age of 30 & living in London around 1999-2000 will understand how massive the original Nike Tuned Air kicks were in the capital, I remember seeing countless colourways ridiculously priced in Meteor Sports of Bethnal Green.

Nike have re made the kicks using Flywire, not 100% on the colourway but hopefully we'll see more surface!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Trapstar X G Shock (video)

Trapstar X Gshock Collaboration from Abstract Retro on Vimeo.

So last friday, the Trapstar family invaded G Shock East on Dray Walk (Brick Lane) to launch their collab watch + a few new bits & pieces...only 20 watches were produced & they sold out in half an hour!

Myself, Odessa, Kumfy & Brum Goonies head honcho Candyman handled biz on the decks, peep the video & slap yourself if you missed out!

Shouts to Fivestar & all the gang