Sunday, 27 June 2010

Friday, 25 June 2010

socially responsible? Yes, As fun? Probably not....

As with absolutely everything in life, even vandalising public transport has gone digital.

The internet turned all our wild trouble-making passionate youths, into lazy, seat jockeys with a PC instead of a personality!

Thank you Bill Gates.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

9th Wonder and David Banner - Slow Down

I'm not the biggest David Banner fan but I love 9th's production to the death, they're working on an LP together named Death Of A Pop Star, and I believe this is the one of the singles from it.
The video is meant to have a few hidden connotations in it,and at first I could only spot a couple but it took a Youtube commentator to school me.

So Watch the video and spot some weird shi*

42012jburnna breaks it down like this :

Paper money is most peoples god, whilst the Pigs represent greed. The headphones are meant to be icons of Dr.Dre's latest business venture, that are feeding "bullshit" music to children and everyone else turning them into know when they go all green and what not. Whilst the skull and cross bones on the Starbucks cup symbolise the poison foods we eat, provided by equally poisonous multinational companies.

Whether you agree or not the beat proves 9th wonder is a genius, and the video is better than most generic hip hop visuals we're used to.


Note: He didn't explain the stone faced matrixy people running about and disappearing. *Kanye Shrug*

J.Cole - Who Dat (Video)

J. Cole - Who Dat (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Monday, 21 June 2010


So Giggs' XL recordings debut 'Let em have it' hit stores today! cop it on itunes for £7.99 or do what i'm doing & grab the special edition cd with the bonus disc...

Its a big deal for UK music, Giggs hasn't compromised his own style which is something every other UK act except for Dizzee Rascal on 'Boy In Da Corner' has had to do. He has creative control so he's done it his own way, no crossover attempts, no collabs with other so called big UK artists...Raw UK Hip Hop at its best!

Make sure you support!

What a let down...

It has recently occured to me that almost EVERYTHING that I've been anticipating of late has been a let down...

The World Cup: England have been over shite, Brazil dont look like Brazil, Spain are air, Argentina have been alright, Portugal lit things up today with the 7-0 parrage of North Korea but its not living up to the hype!

Drake's album: Ive had it since it leaked 3 weeks ago...the only songs I actually bump are 'Show me a good time' 'Unforgettable' & 'Light up'. This time last year I was still bumping 80% of 'So far gone' which I'd had for 5!

Summer: It all started so well, heatwave in April & weve had days of summer here & there but its june & sunny mornings followed by overcoast breezy afternoons & cold nights are not the ting!


This week my saving grace approaches, GLASTONBURY...

Last year was my 1st time going & it blew me away! The weather forecasting motherfuckers are predicting good things, the line up looks niiice, im gonna be djing most nights, the YoYo gang are throwing a party too...

Fingers Crossed!

Hate Football, Love Great Ideas

Since the advent of Youtube (which recently celebrated it's 5th birthday) we've seen a completely new form of advertising.

30 sec adverts were always limited to that time frame, because TV time is really expensive, so a craft was developed in 30 second messages.

However, the fact that most online video hosting is free, their is potentially hours of footage to be put online, that is easily accessible, and can be watched repeatedly, and most crucially, shared amongst peers, means that the advertising industry has changed completely.

The widespread availability of digital cameras, and free hosting websites, that get billions of hits a day, means that instead of blowing a massive budget on a 30 second advert advertisers are increasingly basing content on strong ideas, visuals and music.

This means the crap quickly disappears, and great ideas like this, are a winner.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


The pick of 2night's parties, youve gotta reach one of em!

Uffie ft Pharrel - SUV (Video)

UFFIE - ADD SUV (feat . Pharrell Williams) HD from Uffie on Vimeo.

Heard the song a while back & hated it...but the video's sicka so it gets a bly on the blog!

Friday, 18 June 2010

New N.E.R.D..

Video is banging, tune is too, instant classic.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ready for the Weekend??

Take your pick from Second Son's Party @ Pop Up Pirates, JC Adams of Ape Apparrel's Website Launch in Kentish Town & The Launch of a new North London Hip Hop Night 'Heads High'

Whats blue-tac's other name....

....smurf poo!!

Cue hysterical 6 year olds, belling up all over the playground floor.

The Smurfs are coming to a screen near you in a whole years time, and yet the movie hype juggernaught is already in motion!

When I was about 6, Smurfette used to give me a junior woody.

Now that I'm older tho, I realise a cute blonde, who is completely blue is either a Hindu Deity, or a strangulation victim, either way, probably best not to attempt to tap that.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A universe in a single frame....

Wow weeee, it's been a whole heap of hot minutes since i last dropped a culture post.

I'm currently wrapping a masters, amongst various other projects and am busier than an Alpha-male stag on heat, during the breeding season (google it)....but rest assured I'm busy.

I was flicking through my picture library today, and stumbled across loads of beautiful, powerful images that i'd completely forgotten I owned.

My favourite documentary photographer, responsible for probably one of the most compelling photos of the 20th century is Steve McCurry.


I first saw the image of the 'Afghan Girl' in the school library, and I was completely stunned. The rawness of the image, the intensity, and beauty of the subjects eyes, and the expression of fear, or anger, all overawed me to the point where i fell in love.

I later worked for a photographic agency as an international researcher, and started to study the art, and science of photography. This included pouring over McCurry's beautiful images for hours, upon hours of lush landscapes, beautifully captured, vividly rendered faces, colours and exotic cultures.

McCurrys strengths are undoubtably colour, Composition, and his ability to spot, and capture interesting charters in his photography.


He also has a wonderful eye for spectacular landscapes, he captures lights, and the structure of the subjects within the frame wonderfully.


I can't help but wonder that all of these blog kids with a digital SLR actually put in the research, and try to gain a deep understanding of what photography is about, it's past, and it's masters.

Below is a brief documentary on the man himself, and his incredible talent, and unfailing work ethic.

Most kids a 3rd of his age in that game wouldn't be able to keep up!

Further images available at his site here:

I'll hit you up soon with some more fuel for the mind soon.


East London is back!

Not that we ever went anywhere, but Maxtsa is fully representing all the East London grime kids, check out his mixtape 'The Maxtape' available pretty much everywhere now!

30 Rounds.

This song is a madness, I'm not prone to pumping UK trap rap, but this has been getting multiple reloads on my iTunes. Malik, S.A.S and Gfrsh all come ridiculously hard and Giggs on the hook stitches the track together perfectly with his trademark Slow Flow.

The video is mental as well, directed by J Bubbs of WordOnRoadTV . It's gritty and well shot without looking like it cost the earth. But If you were to take a deeper look, this is more than a banger and a quality visual. It's a statement of the UK's united or uniting underground music scene. Veteran torch bearers of UK hip hop,alongside signed and independent artists coming together all in the name the UK.

This is statement of intent for UK urban music, we've come to get it. As a collective of talented individuals from London to Brum and back again.

"Party like my burtday, can't shut my cake hole." Malik (I love that Line)

BTW, who the hell produced the beat, its fucking ill.

Monday, 14 June 2010

This Week @ Just Jam...


After Tempz did a madness along with niceness from Hard House Banton, Swindle, Shizzle & Badness....

Mz Bratt, J2K, Trim, Mumdance, Roachee, Manga & more are coming down this week to provide more treats, streaming live from The Alibi (91 Kingsland High St) on

Reach or lock in!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

No Chicken?

Caramel's Faison & Dajuan aka KG & Marston (Shadrack & The Mandem) are splitting sides everywhere right now, Im yet to see a clip or video that hasnt made me belly laugh!

Keep it up gents!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Giggs X Luke Monaghan

GIGGS from Luke Monaghan on Vimeo.

Luke Monaghan shoots Giggs talking on the album & police blocking!

For The Weekend...

Get Me & Nike Red join forces for a good cause with a sick line up tonight @ CAMP

The Bang Bang Ball launches @ Dalston's 512, catch me doing a hype grime/dubstep/funky set!


Get your dose of Grime, Dubstep & Funky @ The Chockablock producer special

Riot Music kicks off @ Plan B on saturday with Marcus Nasty, Tim & Barry, Moxie, Smutlee & more!

More than enough parties for you to come out to & get your skank on!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I Don't Believe You

Please don't crucify me for putting more Drake ish up on PnB, but I believe this piece of promo is worth some analysis. It seems that Mr. Graham is longing for a "Normal," life free of the trappings of his new found success. The money, cars and the clothes, not forgetting the hoe's don't seem to cut it anymore for Drizzy as this video suggests. It seems what Drake really wants is true love. *cue violins."

Apparently becoming a filthy rich rap icon is not the way to find this elusive true love, who knew?

I always thought Young Money could buy love and happiness and all that important good shi* that Drake has sacrificed in the pursuit of his love for music.

Poor Drake.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lookin 4 ya...

You wont be hearing this track or any collabs with fellow Outkast member Andre 3000 on Big Boi's forthcoming Def Jam LP (because Jive records are waste to keep it simple) so fuck it, enjoy this & check out the tracklist for 'Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty' below...

Album Tracklist:
1. Feel Me (Intro)
2. Daddy Fat Sax
3. Turns Me On feat. Sleepy Brown & Joi
4. Follow Us feat. Vonnegutt
5. Shutterbugg feat. Cutty
6. General Patton
7. Tangerine feat. T.I. & Khujo Goodie
8. You Ain’t No DJ feat. Yelawolf
9. Hustle Blood feat. Jamie Foxx
10. Be Still feat. Janelle MonĂ¡e
11. Fo Yo Sorrows feat. George Clinton, Too Short & Sam Chris
12. Night Night feat. B.o.B & Joi
13. Shine Blockas feat. Gucci Mane
14. The Train Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Left Foot Saves The Day) feat. Sam Chris
15. Back Up Plan

Nike Shaman X Project Zoltar (Video)

I honestly cant explain this project to you, its a I'll let Nike's official press write up tell you wtf its all about!

“When the anthropological technicians of the 25th century discovered the most important architectural relic of the 21st century in north Old Londinium, all experts were baffled at the relevance of this stadium saturated in emotion and glory. Upon further rigorous subatomic analysis and clone replication scenarios they made some startling discoveries about the 21st century’s truly global, spiritual phenomena.

The football temples—these open-air amphitheatres were used for mass gatherings, broadcast to every corner of the globe. These pantheons of the ancients, channelled human emotions – faith, belief and hope into the hope of the grail; the coming together of nations and emerging as the champions of the world.

The congregation met in the time honoured clash between good and evil, the congregation’s tribal colours a testament to the devotion of their choosing. This phenomena crossed global political and social boundaries, in the city of Rangoon, monks remains have been found whose devotion was clearly marked by the Brazilian shirt he was clutching.
Like the earth itself, the focus of spiritual nirvana was a pitch of green. On its altar was a football. While engaged in the mass ritual of the game, the faithful would emerge themselves in the full emotional and psychological rollercoaster. Ecstasy, sorrow, joy, frustration, pain and victory were all stops on the intercity to glory.

Further examination revealed that within these highly organised and emotional gatherings were spiritual guides who acted as a human catalyst between the Gods of victory and football. These were the Shaman, united under the swoosh and this is their story. Every four years they would meet to re-enact the tournament of the ages, with only one emerging victorious.

Kicks of the day...

Air Jordan Spiz'ike 'Patent Black'


So here it is, Apple's iphone 4...

Time for all the iphone vs Blackberry bollocks to start again, time for iphone users to bug out over features & apps they dont need & will probably never use, but here are the key features on apple's baby;

25% thinner than the 3g/3gs

Tougher glass on the front & back (apparently its the same glass used for Helicopter Windshield's...Really?)

2 camera's (one 5mp with led flash & x5 zoom on the back, & another on the front)

HD Video Ready @ 720p

Video Conferencing & Editing tools

It also boasts a new processor to support all these new bells & whistles while supposedly still giving a good battery life (if the last iphones battery was good then wow, this could be terrible!)

As far as UK prices, networks etc...fuck knows! But in the US the 16gb version will be $199 & the 32gb @ $299, it launches June 24th both here & out there, you can pre-order from June 15th.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Just Jam x Tempz


So JUST JAM is back this weds with a huge headliner...


We've also got Shizzle, Hard House Banton, DJ Cable + more passing through!

Remember we stream live from 8pm (gmt) on Dontwatchthat or you can come down, see it in the flesh & then party with us til 2am @ The Alibi!

You're looking at a World Record Breaker...

Saturday just gone I spent the day @ The Truman Brewery/Vibe Bar on Brick Lane with 1xtra & co for the attempt at breaking the Guiness World Record for Dj relay (59 continuous mixes was the record!)

Now, nervous was an understatement...I only found out what track I'd be mixing the day before, and not only that, I found out on the day that I was in the 1st 10 ten Djs along with Trevor Nelson, Mark Ronson, Seani B & more...needless to say, I was pissing myself!

The way it worked got called into the vibe bar area upstairs to PRACTICE your mix, then record it for the back-up (in case any idiots messed things up on the big stage outside) then you went outside to face the crowd & do it all again!

I didnt have it easy, I found out at the last minute that Bashy was gonna be performing right before me so I basically had to mix with Bish Bash Bosh doing his thing on stage in front of me & adding extra attention (safe) but I handled the mix quickly held it for a few bars & got the hell off stage fast... I admitted to Rampage's Mike Anthony afterwards that my hand was shaking when i faded my mix in & he told me I wasnt alone... its weird, some of the biggest djs in the UK were there, all with confidence in their abilities...but not many will tell you they werent nervous!

Of course, someone had to fuck it up...I heard that someone had pressed stop on the wrong deck in the back up mix & they had to restart, I heard a horrid clang outside too but when a certain dj let the track run out on the main stage the silence was crazy...he flopped & we had to start again (not actually from #1 but #24 or whoever was next became #1) but it was arrright as the 1xtra powers that be had drafted in 118 or so djs to break the record of 59 so starting again was minor!

I got asked to go on again as some djs couldnt make it so up I went up for a 2nd time with my Nu Brand family & loads of friends supporting...handled biz tidily & passed the baton onto DJ Yasmin (which I quite liked being able to do!)

On the whole apart from very nearly touching cloth & the shit djs fucking it up, t'was a very good day & I feel proud to have been a part of it...The Record Now stands at 82 djs for the Guiness World Record, you probably wont see me in the book but still!

more pics to come soon!

Shouts to all @ 1xtra, Kane & Nu Brand

Sunday, 6 June 2010

I Bus a LightSabre, all Up In Yo Arse Nukka...

The only place you’re going to find Chewbacca, Han Solo , David Beckham , Daft Punk and Snoop Dogg hanging out with a few Storm Troopers before the World Cup is either a 15 year old football fan with a questionable imagination. Or an Adidas Originals viral.

I love the way Snoop D O double handle’s confrontation, he’s not about busting caps in asses anymore, he’s straight taking linbs off with a flick of his light sabre. As for Beck’s , I think it’s a bit mean they poke fun of ol’ golden ball’s asking him “when can he play again.” He’s 35 and has snapped his Achilles (ankle, basically) He’s lucky if he plays another competitive game, let alone in another World Cup.



PS.I know this isn’t as epic as the Nike Write the Future campaign but its still pretty ill.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


La1 is sick. PnB is sick. So, I thought it was my duty to sweet talk the guys down there into giving us a good deal on some Garms...After much booty shaking, eye fluttering and bashment whining,they agreed to to give us 15% off everything on the website.(Except sale items).WIN.

La1, in Camden is one of the hottest clothing shops in the Big Smoke, rammed full of Stussy ,G Star, True Religion,Edwin,Adidas Originals,Lyle and Scott and the rest. but for all those who wana stay South side (and lets face it, the best side) or just don't want to leave the house, they've given us a special promo for the website. Sick!

So basically, all you have to do is type the promo code PARTYNBULLSHIT when you get the checkout and it will give you a 15% discount!

Check it out on

Disclaimer: This post was not intended to start any postcode wars. Sorry.

I felt a tingle in my funny bone...

...when i watched this trailer.

Poor old Michael, he is the definition of a type-casted actor but he play's likeable geeky kid so well.

It's not as believable now that he's just turned 46 and has 3 ex wives, and 7 kids, but still, thats why it's called 'acting'.

This will no doubt will be a big hit this summer, it looks hilarious, charming and witty, and most importantly to all of those popcorn munchers out there, familiar territory.

Geek kid in love? Check!

Vixen who kicks arse? Check!

Super hero parodies, and post modern jokes on technology? Yup!

It should be as fully charming as it looks, and every one will love it forever and ever!

Sounds Like Maveric

maveric: SOUNDS LIKE from Luke Monaghan on Vimeo.

Maveric (who if you're unfamiliar with is Tinchy's artist) drops the video to 'Sounds Like' off his 'Black Clouds EP'

Ratings to Luke Monaghan on the directing!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cam on some bullshi*

Worldstarhiphop you never know what you’re going to find on there, you might find a man with no teeth and size 36dd manbreast rapping about his enormous man meat and tremendous sex appeal. Most time you’ll just find the odd average rapper up gang signs and educating us on the price of his two month year old child’s platinum chain.

But this particular video has led me to be deeply concerned for the state of Killa Cams moral compass, I mean was this stunt planned? Did he tell his homie, “Yo get the camera ready.” And then relay the plan back to his crackhead groupie. I’ve got so many questions, have they just finished fucking? Are they about to? Where are her panties? The car? Lodged in the back of Cam’s throat? Is she drunk, high or stupid?

For my sanity I need these questions answered.

What pisses me off most is I thought Cam would have better taste in ho, damn he let me down, that’s some bullshi*.


P.S : I know there’s been a whole heap of hoopla about Jimmy and Camron kissing and making up which is great for all the Dipset lovers but I for one think cam has lost all ability to rap #justsaying.

Get RESET (The Review)

Saturday the 29th of May though the skies were grey and at certain points it was pissing down. In a secluded alcove in Shoreditch the weather had no effect on the mood of Londons elite underground clothing designers and connoisseurs. Who had gathered in a celebration of unique creativity through some seriously sick pieces of clobber, yea I said itclobber.

This was The Reset III @ Nike's 1948 Space...

The Star Players were there (get the pun?) Ask Your Girl, Trapstar, Swanz fly, A.IN.T , PC Williams , G.R.I.N.D LDN, Second Son, Benjart, Ugly Kids Club, Abuze and even the Wah  Nails girls were about painting dreams onto many a females fingertips...

Each stand showed why UK independent street wear is definitely on the come up, with strong collections being shown all round. I fell in love with the Trapstar Tees and it wasnt monogamy either, I was trying to have them all. Lucky for me I purposely left  my  wallet at  the crib, I knew if I came out with more than a score I would have dived into my overdraft like an Olympic swimmer. Though I did spot a couple pieces from Benjart that I had to come back for on Sunday to purchase.

Good times were had despite the threatening clouds which promised a shit storm at any second, the tunes were bumping and there was a steady stream of boys and gyals leaving with big arse bags full of kit.

Sundays weather did pick up a little but lets hope that @ RESET IIII we get some proper sun.

Shouts to @niran7 on the pics!


More pics after the jump