Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I felt a tingle in my funny bone...

...when i watched this trailer.

Poor old Michael, he is the definition of a type-casted actor but he play's likeable geeky kid so well.

It's not as believable now that he's just turned 46 and has 3 ex wives, and 7 kids, but still, thats why it's called 'acting'.

This will no doubt will be a big hit this summer, it looks hilarious, charming and witty, and most importantly to all of those popcorn munchers out there, familiar territory.

Geek kid in love? Check!

Vixen who kicks arse? Check!

Super hero parodies, and post modern jokes on technology? Yup!

It should be as fully charming as it looks, and every one will love it forever and ever!

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