Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So here it is, Apple's iphone 4...

Time for all the iphone vs Blackberry bollocks to start again, time for iphone users to bug out over features & apps they dont need & will probably never use, but here are the key features on apple's baby;

25% thinner than the 3g/3gs

Tougher glass on the front & back (apparently its the same glass used for Helicopter Windshield's...Really?)

2 camera's (one 5mp with led flash & x5 zoom on the back, & another on the front)

HD Video Ready @ 720p

Video Conferencing & Editing tools

It also boasts a new processor to support all these new bells & whistles while supposedly still giving a good battery life (if the last iphones battery was good then wow, this could be terrible!)

As far as UK prices, networks etc...fuck knows! But in the US the 16gb version will be $199 & the 32gb @ $299, it launches June 24th both here & out there, you can pre-order from June 15th.

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