Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A universe in a single frame....

Wow weeee, it's been a whole heap of hot minutes since i last dropped a culture post.

I'm currently wrapping a masters, amongst various other projects and am busier than an Alpha-male stag on heat, during the breeding season (google it)....but rest assured I'm busy.

I was flicking through my picture library today, and stumbled across loads of beautiful, powerful images that i'd completely forgotten I owned.

My favourite documentary photographer, responsible for probably one of the most compelling photos of the 20th century is Steve McCurry.


I first saw the image of the 'Afghan Girl' in the school library, and I was completely stunned. The rawness of the image, the intensity, and beauty of the subjects eyes, and the expression of fear, or anger, all overawed me to the point where i fell in love.

I later worked for a photographic agency as an international researcher, and started to study the art, and science of photography. This included pouring over McCurry's beautiful images for hours, upon hours of lush landscapes, beautifully captured, vividly rendered faces, colours and exotic cultures.

McCurrys strengths are undoubtably colour, Composition, and his ability to spot, and capture interesting charters in his photography.


He also has a wonderful eye for spectacular landscapes, he captures lights, and the structure of the subjects within the frame wonderfully.


I can't help but wonder that all of these blog kids with a digital SLR actually put in the research, and try to gain a deep understanding of what photography is about, it's past, and it's masters.

Below is a brief documentary on the man himself, and his incredible talent, and unfailing work ethic.

Most kids a 3rd of his age in that game wouldn't be able to keep up!

Further images available at his site here:

I'll hit you up soon with some more fuel for the mind soon.


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