Sunday, 6 June 2010

I Bus a LightSabre, all Up In Yo Arse Nukka...

The only place you’re going to find Chewbacca, Han Solo , David Beckham , Daft Punk and Snoop Dogg hanging out with a few Storm Troopers before the World Cup is either a 15 year old football fan with a questionable imagination. Or an Adidas Originals viral.

I love the way Snoop D O double handle’s confrontation, he’s not about busting caps in asses anymore, he’s straight taking linbs off with a flick of his light sabre. As for Beck’s , I think it’s a bit mean they poke fun of ol’ golden ball’s asking him “when can he play again.” He’s 35 and has snapped his Achilles (ankle, basically) He’s lucky if he plays another competitive game, let alone in another World Cup.



PS.I know this isn’t as epic as the Nike Write the Future campaign but its still pretty ill.

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