Tuesday, 22 June 2010

9th Wonder and David Banner - Slow Down

I'm not the biggest David Banner fan but I love 9th's production to the death, they're working on an LP together named Death Of A Pop Star, and I believe this is the one of the singles from it.
The video is meant to have a few hidden connotations in it,and at first I could only spot a couple but it took a Youtube commentator to school me.

So Watch the video and spot some weird shi*

42012jburnna breaks it down like this :

Paper money is most peoples god, whilst the Pigs represent greed. The headphones are meant to be icons of Dr.Dre's latest business venture, that are feeding "bullshit" music to children and everyone else turning them into monsters...you know when they go all green and what not. Whilst the skull and cross bones on the Starbucks cup symbolise the poison foods we eat, provided by equally poisonous multinational companies.

Whether you agree or not the beat proves 9th wonder is a genius, and the video is better than most generic hip hop visuals we're used to.


Note: He didn't explain the stone faced matrixy people running about and disappearing. *Kanye Shrug*

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