Monday, 7 June 2010

You're looking at a World Record Breaker...

Saturday just gone I spent the day @ The Truman Brewery/Vibe Bar on Brick Lane with 1xtra & co for the attempt at breaking the Guiness World Record for Dj relay (59 continuous mixes was the record!)

Now, nervous was an understatement...I only found out what track I'd be mixing the day before, and not only that, I found out on the day that I was in the 1st 10 ten Djs along with Trevor Nelson, Mark Ronson, Seani B & more...needless to say, I was pissing myself!

The way it worked got called into the vibe bar area upstairs to PRACTICE your mix, then record it for the back-up (in case any idiots messed things up on the big stage outside) then you went outside to face the crowd & do it all again!

I didnt have it easy, I found out at the last minute that Bashy was gonna be performing right before me so I basically had to mix with Bish Bash Bosh doing his thing on stage in front of me & adding extra attention (safe) but I handled the mix quickly held it for a few bars & got the hell off stage fast... I admitted to Rampage's Mike Anthony afterwards that my hand was shaking when i faded my mix in & he told me I wasnt alone... its weird, some of the biggest djs in the UK were there, all with confidence in their abilities...but not many will tell you they werent nervous!

Of course, someone had to fuck it up...I heard that someone had pressed stop on the wrong deck in the back up mix & they had to restart, I heard a horrid clang outside too but when a certain dj let the track run out on the main stage the silence was crazy...he flopped & we had to start again (not actually from #1 but #24 or whoever was next became #1) but it was arrright as the 1xtra powers that be had drafted in 118 or so djs to break the record of 59 so starting again was minor!

I got asked to go on again as some djs couldnt make it so up I went up for a 2nd time with my Nu Brand family & loads of friends supporting...handled biz tidily & passed the baton onto DJ Yasmin (which I quite liked being able to do!)

On the whole apart from very nearly touching cloth & the shit djs fucking it up, t'was a very good day & I feel proud to have been a part of it...The Record Now stands at 82 djs for the Guiness World Record, you probably wont see me in the book but still!

more pics to come soon!

Shouts to all @ 1xtra, Kane & Nu Brand

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