Friday, 28 May 2010

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Big Boi - Shutterbug

Already in love with this song, video is creative as expected!

Big Boi drop the album!

More bank holiday biz...

The Wah Girls, Josey Rebelle, Radi Dadi, The Work It girls + more get things kicked off on 2nite with RIOT RUDE @ The Alibi, Freeness!

Friday Night is all about Mutate's Glasto warm up & then the after party! £7 tickets (that will also gain you entry to the after party) are available HERE

But if you just wanna reach the after party its £3 on the door

Reset Kicks off on Saturday & Whats Good X Livin Proof makes a return to CAMP

& We wrap up the partying @ Overproof's return @ The Macbeth! Free BBQ from 6-9, £5 entry /£3 concessions (email to put names on concs list)

I hope you're all ready!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010

Electric Boogaloo

Urban crossover shit that I do actually dig!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

#FML moments....

This is a clip from a program in America Called 'Intervention" or some other touchy-feely name like that.

I haven't seen this particular episode so I have no idea what it was about, but unless these guys are both queer, I'm gonna assume it was about a difficult Father/Son relationship.

It was obviously a really deeply heart felt, and poignant moment in both of their lives.

They dug deep within their soles and shared, unreservedly with the rest of the world, which if you think about it, is actually a wonderful thing to watch.

Unfortunately, someone watched this particular episode, and decide, that this 38 seconds was Youtube worthy on its own.

Now these brers both look like pricks!

#FML moments

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Acyde: Tripple OG Mix

Perfect for that BBQ you're rushing out to buy!

Download HERE

Just be good to Green...

I smell another top 5 hit! Gwan Greenie!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

#FML moments....

I don't know who this gash is, or why, or even if she did this, but after this, she, should pretty much, get a tit reduction, grow a dick, cut her hair and disguise herself as a man from now on.

This is so good you'll watch it TWICE, tho, probably not a third time, cos its pretty fucking long, and Bros are fucking tedious!

Nike: Write the fututre


Thursday, 20 May 2010


Dan Tobin for Absolut


Just Jam: History in the making

You could say that I'm biased when concerned with how big 'Just Jam' will become, but when almost EVERY act that's passed through so far (Newham Generals, Jammer, Flirta D, Trilla, Funk Butcher, DJ Cable, Rudekid, Silencer, JJ & Spyro to name a few) has said some extremely encouraging stuff to myself, Tim, Barry or other Just Jam team members about the potential....we cant help but get excited about the live streaming show!

Last night was another good show! Funk Butcher graced the decks & then spoke to me about his history, production & the scene, DJ Cable handled biz on the decks for Flirta D & also kept the crowd entertained through the intervals, Fumin & Diesel passed through too, as did Birmingham's biggest MC Trilla.

We've confirmed some of the UK's biggest & best for future takeovers & appearances over the next month, watch this space for the info!

If you havent checked out any of the previous shows or highlights check out Dontwatchthat TV now!

Next week the BNTL crew takeover!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Super High...

Summer Anthem?? maybe?!


Reset III

The Reset is baaack! All your favourite UK Streetwear brands @ my favourite Nike store, 1948...

Look out for afterparty details!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Kicks of the day...

Nike Air Max 247 & Mister Cartoon USA Dunks

For The Weekend...


The prey, has become, the Predator...

..or some other suitably ironic sounding shit like that anyway!

P'N'B Have always championed the genius Shadrack and the mandem, as a hilarious satire of street culture, and a scathing social commentary on the bullshit facade of street thuggery.

Shadrack showed us how stupid, and macho thugs, really just want a hug.

The two comedians who played Shadrack and Abedigo are KG and Nicholas Marston, and despite the whole of the urban scene begging them not to, old Shadrack has been put to rest.

The guys have started work on their new (hopefully genius) project, Duncan and McKoy.

Having pulled a Cop's'N'Robbers 180, the pair now play a pair of fearless, although, to be fair, slightly brainless police detectives.

I recently had a chance to speak to both the Guys and they're fired up about the potential of the series, and believe it's funnier, and more professional than Shadrack.

The trailer looks hilarious!

Keep an eye on the blog, as we'll be sure to bring you the episodes as they're dropped, and hold tight for an exclusive interview with Nicholas and KG in the very near future.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Stop Begging X Ape

Tomorrow night see's the return on 'Stop Begging' @ The Legion (348 Old St), last months event had some serious vibes & were expecting even bigger things this time around with Grime don Slimzee passing through to play for us, alongside Dubstep kings Ego Thieves & more!

We've also got the Ape Aparrel crew coming down to do some giveaways & they'll be selling limited edition Stop Begging x Ape tees for a tenner!

Its FREE, just say 'Stop Begging' @ the door!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

#FML moments....

Where me get mi Clarks?!

Probably from the only place that sells Clarks shoes.....Clarks ya bumba raaas!!

Strolling down Hackneys notorious Kingsland rd recently, i must have stepped on about 15 pairs of desert boots, i like stepping on hipsters toes, and shooting them the evil eye, so they're too scared to say anything, it makes me feel like a big man!

They're not fashionable, not even good looking, in the traditional sense, but they are a design classic, and a fundamental part of the history of British culture.

Clarks started creating comfort shoes back in the 60's such as the Desert Boot (based on military designed desert boots) and Wallabies (based on a traditional moccasin). They were characterised by the wide front of the shoe, which allows for a natural spread of the toe, and the elevated heal, with a gummy soul, which cushioned the impact of steps.

At the time everyone pretty much wore brogues, or uncomfortable boots, and trainers were strictly for athletes on the track. The shoes, with their soft leather or nubuck uppers, comfort, and unusual innovative looks soon caught the imagination of the innovators and first adopters of the day, the Mods, Rudeboys of the Ska movement, Skinheads, football casuals, right down to the Brit Popers, and Wu-tangers in the 90's have all adopted them, as their uniform in subsequent years.

And being as fashion life cycles are generally 10-13 years, it's time for the tastemakers of the world to start hunting down the classics, in dusty old back street stores, and thrift shops, aswell as ebay, and the net, and to start bringing back probably some of the most iconic shoes of the late 20th century.

Nothing looks better than a pair of Wallabies, or Desert Trek under a loose cut pair of straight legged jeans, and those streamlined Desert Boots under a pair of skinny jeans.

Theres several stores that are so old school, that they still sell vintage pairs of brand new boots form the 80's and 90's, the location of these stores is a trade secret, butttttt, thers one off Bricklane, one in Woodstreet in Walthamstow Market, and a few others dotted around London.

You can also generally pick up a few pairs for cheap at the Clarks factory store in Elephant and Castle.

So MrPopcorn, i hope that answers your question bout whe me-a ge mi Clarks!


Spray paint and a camera.....

Amazing amounts of work goes into these videos.

You have to admire the dedication, and attention to detail.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Drake - Find your love (video)

Drake - Find Your Love from October's Very Own on Vimeo.

Second official single from 'Thank Me Later' Kanye on the buttons, Mavado with the hard faced badman yardie cameo

Scorzayzee: Raging Bull

If you claim to be a UK Hip Hop fan & dont know about Scorzayzee...

Do some research!

He was part of Out da Ville, the Nottingham based crew (who Mistajam was DJ for) who were one of the 1st UKHH acts I took a shine too after watching the DarkNCold videos back in the day!

Scorz took a break from music for a quite a while, but strangely was in a film last year (Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee) & thankfully is now back on the music grind with this mixtape...

Spine TV: Keep Plastic People Alive!

PNB fully supporting the cause!

Nike 1948 X Wilson Brothers - Stadium Project

Give it to em baby like BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Phil Ade-Always There

One of those discoveries you make when your trawling through blogs when bored...yeah, it was one of those!

You really should check out this blog, it's visually stunning, tho, very graphic.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Social media's for more than tryna bang chicks....

...this is some serious food for thought, and i liked how slick this animation is, so I thought i'd share it with ya'll.

It makes you think, stuff that is completely normal for us as web users, is a massive and difficult shift in thinking for older generations.

If we master these new mediums we'll over take traditional business is less than a generation.

And in turn, we're able to break apart 'old boys networks', and class barriers, and really strive to do massive things in the future.

Right, i'm off to create , and execute a brand, using next to no money, and a tonne of creativity, and social savvy and know-how, and i'm gonna take over the world with it!

Say something bitch!

Are you ready?

RudeKid's Bad Boy instrumental LP 'Are you ready' is out today!

cop that here

Check out my personal fave off the album (for the minute) below....

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Reflection Eternal ft Estelle -Midnight Hour (Video)

Laughing Boy...

Make sure you're @ what is becoming one of the nights out in London, Laughing Boy is back tomorrow night giving you big comedians such as Steven K Amos, performances from Ty & Jake Reid, Moi on the decks & Jamie Howard hosting the night!

If you wanna reach, email names to by midday tomorrow!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

T Shirt Party

I kinda slept on T shirt Party....I didn't go to their party @ Jaguar Shoes, to be honest I had no idea what they were about til I checked their site this morning!

All the above t-shirts are their designs, which they drop WEEKLY!

Get onto to cop or have a look @ the rest of their collection & see what theyre about!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Kicks of the day...

Nike Air Presto 'Cyber'

I was pleased to hear Nike were bringing these back! I had the team USA editions 10 years ago...fuck that makes me feel old

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Ags is putting on another night @ the albi 2moro, then catch me alongside Grime dons Elijah & Skilliam, PWBC & more @ Bloomsbury Lane on saturday!

Chase & Status X Dizzee Rascal =Heavy

I will admit to being a tad late on posting this, but F it...the tune is a madness & deserves every bit of blog love going, late or not!

Shouts to Pinboard!


Just as I was beginning to lose faith in Nas & Damian Marley's 'Distant Cousins' project due to the London show's cancellation & some weak tracks being restored!

The Cupcake Cannon

CUPCAKE CANNON from kamp grizzly on Vimeo.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Anyone fancy some LOVEly Greasy Fried Chicken?

The culture of the Fried Chicken shop is something very London. I never realized until quite recently, when I had some friends over from South Africa, and they commented that it’s probably something which is most symbolic of London. I was stunned, the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye are all dwarfed in iconic status by Big Maz’s franchise of Disco Fried Chicken on the corner?!


However, every 5 steps I took, I started to notice yet ANOTHER chicken shop, and I realized these South Africans were completely spot on. Mr Khan is actually the unsung Hero of East London, where else are you going to pick up a grease-spiked piece of not-so-fresh fowl carcass at 3.52 am, and STILL actually derive some pleasure from the experience?!

See, you couldn’t give me an answer...

Chicken Cottage, Sam’s, and any other rip off of the KFC franchise is one of young London’s collective late night guilty pleasure’s. The other being that post-clubbing booty call to that slightly over weight bird who always let’s you bus-a-nut on her chest.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear about an Exhibition in Shorditch which celebrated the Coronary-bypass-palaces as a True-blue cultural phenomenon of my fair city Londinium.


Bangkok (teehee) born Cathlove, is a creative fireball who gives birth to whimsical satirical art, which is accessible to everyone. Now based in Hackney, via Hong Kong, and Australia, Cathlove has quickly established herself amongst the scene as a major talent, having already worked with brands as diverse as Selfridges and WAH amongst others.

Her comical, cute, although often grotesque work, is always charming and thought provoking, without being preachy. The show entitled ‘Greasy Fried Dreams’ is not only a scathing commentary on the unhealthy western habit for gluttony and it's more-more-morementality, but one that pokes the potbelly of rampant capitalist consumerism, and tells it to wipe its dribbly chin, with a lemony-fresh complimentary wet-wipe.

I discovered her while skipping through the cyber-playground of Facebook one day, and was bowled over by the impact of the marriage of simple imagery, with complex, intelligent ideas. And when she invited me to the show at the Jaguar Shoes bar on Kingsland rd, and told me that the project was based around the yummiest of late night binge food, that’s the moment I realized I had found my soul mate!

The work itself include a couple of spectacular pieces, which are effectively wallpaper that take up the whole of the walls in the bar, they are psychedelic commentary on Hiphop, surreal consumer obsessed culture, including the late night smelly pervert, the Big Booty Chicken Head Diva, and even a fat-inflated heart ready for a triple bypass.

In short, what I imagine hell to look like, if Devil provided a Chicken Burger Meal for £3.29.


Catch the work at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes, 32-36 Kingsland Rd for the next couple of months. It’s well work going there to check out the work in all it’s glory, and studying all of the wonderfully ridiculous details.

Find more of her excellent work at

Also follow her personal journey through life on her blog

You want ketchup on your fries boss? What Kind of drink you want with your meal mate?

Check this amazing video on SpineTV, I think it pretty much says it all about the girls effortless talent!

Sunday, 2 May 2010


This is most definitely a banger.

Expect to hear it blasting from every droptop car, and from the mobile of a group of 14 year old school kids on the back of the bus this summer.