Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Where me get mi Clarks?!

Probably from the only place that sells Clarks shoes.....Clarks ya bumba raaas!!

Strolling down Hackneys notorious Kingsland rd recently, i must have stepped on about 15 pairs of desert boots, i like stepping on hipsters toes, and shooting them the evil eye, so they're too scared to say anything, it makes me feel like a big man!

They're not fashionable, not even good looking, in the traditional sense, but they are a design classic, and a fundamental part of the history of British culture.

Clarks started creating comfort shoes back in the 60's such as the Desert Boot (based on military designed desert boots) and Wallabies (based on a traditional moccasin). They were characterised by the wide front of the shoe, which allows for a natural spread of the toe, and the elevated heal, with a gummy soul, which cushioned the impact of steps.

At the time everyone pretty much wore brogues, or uncomfortable boots, and trainers were strictly for athletes on the track. The shoes, with their soft leather or nubuck uppers, comfort, and unusual innovative looks soon caught the imagination of the innovators and first adopters of the day, the Mods, Rudeboys of the Ska movement, Skinheads, football casuals, right down to the Brit Popers, and Wu-tangers in the 90's have all adopted them, as their uniform in subsequent years.

And being as fashion life cycles are generally 10-13 years, it's time for the tastemakers of the world to start hunting down the classics, in dusty old back street stores, and thrift shops, aswell as ebay, and the net, and to start bringing back probably some of the most iconic shoes of the late 20th century.

Nothing looks better than a pair of Wallabies, or Desert Trek under a loose cut pair of straight legged jeans, and those streamlined Desert Boots under a pair of skinny jeans.

Theres several stores that are so old school, that they still sell vintage pairs of brand new boots form the 80's and 90's, the location of these stores is a trade secret, butttttt, thers one off Bricklane, one in Woodstreet in Walthamstow Market, and a few others dotted around London.

You can also generally pick up a few pairs for cheap at the Clarks factory store in Elephant and Castle.

So MrPopcorn, i hope that answers your question bout whe me-a ge mi Clarks!


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