Friday, 26 February 2010

It really is Campaign Time

Having a voice, striving to make a difference and taking control of their lives; meet Shooting Star Poets from Skelmersdale, Liverpool. This collective of young aspiring artists (six MC’s and one female vocalist) are about to release their debut single Campaign Time with the help of Strummerville. 

Joe Strummers’ lyrics inspired generations; Strummerville strives to compliment his ethos. The charity set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer champions ‘new’ musicians and also endeavours to continue Joe’s legend of creating change and taking action for one’s beliefs. Shooting Star Poets are Strummerville’s latest discovery. 

Campaign Time tackles the subject of knife and gun crime; alarmingly every member of the seven strong group has been directly affected by knife crime. The single featuring The Profit, Lee Pell, Patriot and Lisa Angel, will be the campaign track supporting the new initiative from SAMM - Support After Murder and Manslaughter (Merseyside), a registered charity that raises public awareness of the effects of murder and manslaughter on families and communities. Chaired by Gaynor Bell, SAMM deals with the issues that arise in the aftermath of murder or manslaughter and pushes for change to eradicate the thoughtlessness and insensitive ways in which the Criminal Justice System deals with families of murder victims. SAMM promotes and supports research into the effects on society and to disseminate the results of such research. 

Shooting Star Poets met Gaynor in 2008. They’d been making mix tapes and recording tracks together since 2003. The members were living in estate(s) in and amongst crime and looking for a way out. Working for SAMM has been the perfect opportunity for them to focus their energies in helping the community in any way they can. Over the past few years they’ve positioned themselves as positive examples amongst their peers, connecting with them through their music. Strummerville has helped them with the recording of their EP; introducing them to producers Balistiq Beats and featured London MC’s Trim and Obese. Strummerville also commissioned the video, directed by Orson Nava, brother of Jake Nava (award winning video director).
Shooting Star Poets’ debut single Campaign Time will be released on 5th April with a launch event taking place at the Everton Football Club on March 31st.


Thursday, 25 February 2010

Stop Watching

Forthcoming single from Benga on Digital Soundboy

Come Grime with Me

Not nearly as good as last year's 'Never Mind the Boombox' but its still good to see Grime acts out of their comfort zone & having a laugh.




If you want some bass this weekend...any of the above get a thumbs up from us!

Laws...Get Familiar

Laws is the next rapper everyone will be making noise about #FACT

Brazil born & Florida raised Laws is a signee to the J.U.S.T.I.C.E league (who happen to be one of my favourite production outfits in recent years) & his new mixtape/street lp '4:57' is definitely something you need to check out!

Hosted by mixtape heavyweight Don Cannon & featuring production by 9th Wonder, DJ Khalil, Calvin Harris, Law's bosses & more...the credits read better than certain dudes albums!

I really dont wanna compare him to Drake or J.Cole but its inevitable, Laws is witty, articulate, does a little singing on hooks & oozes confidence on his tracks.

Download 4:57 here



Kicks Of The Day!

Yes they probably will end up in Foot Locker but when it warms up a little over here you cant go wrong with some fresh Air Max's!

The 91's/BW's are always overshadowed by Am90's so I'm givin em some love!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Coldest Winter

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Why Kanye is still making videos for songs off '808's' all of a year & a half later I dont know, but when they're good who really gives a shit?

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to make a boom Tv series in America...

Mix a healthy dose of money lust, much enterprise, a little hope, some sex, and fashion, and pour out onto a base of grassroots working class existential crisis, place on the TV, and wait for it to grow massive.

This is shot beautifully, is well acted, and is pretty damn fun to watch, it inspires you to want to go out, and shot second hand clothes down Bricklane Market on a Sunday!!

The energy of New York city courses through this programs veins, and it all feels so real, and immediate to the viewer that we're pretty sure this is gonna be massive, and run for several seasons.

The HBO power house has a reputation for quality programs including innovative 'slice of life' stuff like the Sopranos, and OZ so we're expecting big things..

It's refreshing to watch a series from the US which doesn't involve Doctors, Forensic scientists or some old-well preserved rich women looking to get some dick.

It also stars a certain young lady called Shannon Sossamon, who has been a crush of mine for the past 7 years....*Sigh*, she's so lovely! Kid Cudi, and John Varcos (from Raising Victor Varges) also star.

Catch more details, and download the Kid Cudi Mixtape at the official site, which is in the nifty form of a blog, we like.

I guess you'll have to catch it online, cos it's not playing anywhere in the UK yet.

I'm about to get my download on!

Is it bad that i think that Alices looks super bangable in this?!

New trailer, Tim Burton is a genius, Disney films always come with the fire, and Johnny Depp is an overacting weirdo badman actor.

I hope and pray that this film is as good it looks, and is hyped up to be.

X Box Natal = Wii fi dead!

So you know what the hell I'm talking about check the official site from microsoft here

Read it? Cool

So the Natal (as its currently named) is sure to be the #1 xmas present this year! And is sure to have Nintendo pissing their pants as its essentially a Wii that doesnt require a remote!

Luckily, myself & Merrick managed to tag along with our mates to the UK launch last night! It was a nice little party in a sick central London pad, before we were allowed to get our hands on (well wave them) at The Natal, we were treated to the evolution of video gaming, from Pong to Pacman, NES to Dreamcast, XBox to 360...

When we were finally allowed to have a go on the Natal we managed to find a private room where we arsed around on it for a good half an hour!
Then Johnathan Ross & his kids came in & kicked us off....

But we did leave with free 360's so no complaints!

The Natal is a bad man ting, looking forward to getting one in september!

Primark Gwop

I posted the Sam's chicken song by this dude last week, found this ode to Primark today!

Monday, 22 February 2010


I havent posted any f64's to date! but Bashy deserves it...BOOF!

Don't make me kick yo' monkey ass!

This film Stars 'McLovin' from the comedy Superbad alongside Nick Cage & more.

But it doesn't just star any skinny geek brer, on some tryna get laid flex...

ohhhh noooo, this film stars McLovin in lycra tights, a rubberface mask and a seriously gravity defining Quiff that would effortlessly par them Jedward dickheads like it was nothing!!

If you watched that clip, and arent't slightly in awe of the audacity of the ridiculousness of the concept of this film, then you have no soul, and quite frankly, you should sling your hook, cos we don't want waste man like you around here!!

When Kick Ass hits this summer, i'm predicting theres gonna be an upsurge in Lycra wearing, super hero activity in some of the more gully parts of town, as vigilantes arm themselves, and take a bat to gun toting, crack shotting Russian Mafia types in Dalston!


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Big Sean - A million dollars

Big Sean - A Million Dollars from Debashis Mazumder on Vimeo.

I'm truly surprised I havent seen this before now...

Big Sean is the latest artist to come through Kanye's G.O.O.D music imprint, this time coming through distribution via Def Jam zo remember him from now as Im sure we'll be hearing alot more from dude in 2010 & beyond!

He sounds a little like Kanye and will definitely fit in well amongst the fans of The Cudi's, Wale's & Drakes.

Video's cool as well!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Giving up the gun

Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun from Rizoh on Vimeo.

New Vampire Weekend, the video strangely features RZA, Lil Jon, Jake Gyllenhall & One of the Jonas Brothers, dunno?!

New Ludaa!

Luda's new album drops on March 9th which is also the 13th anniversary of Biggie's death, dunno if there's meant to be any significance?

Friday, 19 February 2010

Jay Electronica Live @ London's Jazz Cafe

Jay Electronica | Exhibit A (Jazz Cafe London) from Roy Thomas on Vimeo.

Thanks to my girl Neetz (welcome back by the way!) I managed to get a freebie for last night's sold out Jay Electronica gig @ London's Jazz cafe.

Dude talks ALOT but he holds the crowd, is funny as hell & is one of my new favourite rappers!

Here's somefootage courtesy of Semtex

Check it out

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Big up Spin Doctor for putting this on!

Trapstar X Supra: 2020 Vision

The Second Coming of Junior Spesh

One for the chicken lovers

Clashing Cultures, Clashing Vibes!


 So last night, most of the team were down @ Camden's Roundhouse for The Red Bull Music Academy's Culture Clash...

Goldie's Metalheadz, Coki & Mala's Digital Mistikz (DMZ), Jazzie B's Soul II Soul & The legendary Trojan soundsystem all went head to head in a soundclash!

We'll save the details til you see the footage on PNB tv coming soon...but the undeserved winners were Goldie's Metalheadz!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

On the runway to big things!

I've been waiting to get this on the blog since Boya played it to me on his phone, the song is super catchy, the video is A to watch once the spotlight passes over Tinie Tempa's 'Pass out'

I had the opportunity to chill in the studio with the Nu Brand lot last week & can honestly say they're set for a massive 2010, with a hard grime mixtape almost done & a more mainstream lp in the works, they deserve to be added to 'Ones to watch' list for 2010!

Shouts to Likle P, Saskilla, Boya, Freaker & Infa!

The Powermix

Here's my new mix, lots of Dubsteppy, Grimey, Funky & Hip Hoppy vibes!

Check it out

Chiddy Chiddy Gang Bang

This is a new joint from a 2 piece called Chiddy Bang who hail from Philadelphia.
Chiddy (the one on Mic duties) and Xaphoon Jones (making the noises in the background), met whilst at university together, started to meld their aural auras, and created a beautiful mix of completely fresh sounding sampled music, and some intensely intelligent wordplay.

I caught them live recently at YOYO and was impressed with the mood, and creative energy that Chiddy were bringing to the room.

Love the MGMT 'kids' sample on this,(which is appropriate given that the song is called the Opposite of Adults), nice to see Hip Hop producers thinking outside of the box again, and pushing the tired, cliched genre in new, and exciting directions.

We'll have more of that, thank you very much!

This is one of two videos knocking about, i prefer this particular one, as it's a heap more fun, and creative.

I want a massive head too, they look jokes, but they'd scare the shit out of all the little kids on the bus at school closing time!

Good times!


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I wanna rock (again)...

Yet another remix of Snoop's 'I wanna rock' but like the Jay-Z remix this is also official and its orchestrated by Green Lantern who's flipped the beat to a nice little 140 bpm number!

Check it out here

Bashy featuring Louick Essien - When the sky falls (Shank Soundtrack)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Jump up in the air & stay there...

I Still dont love this tune...but I'm digging the video & the song is definitely a grower!


Friday, 12 February 2010

Kicks Of The Day!

Gourmet  QUADICI as sported by PNB's Tarik @ our recent photoshoot with Tim & Barry for Code magazine!

Believe they almost left the shoot with him!

Rhi-Kanna? Rhi-Ranna? No it was RhiNanna!

So here is the boxfresh video by an new artist called Rhianna. I've not heard of her before, and she's new to the UK 'Urban' music scene, but by all accounts, she's massive in Germany!!!

*Spoiler alert*

I can't personally stand this girl, bear that in mind when you read the following…

Songs ok, bit catchy, she still can't sing for shit, has a lazy eye, and a
big-arsed forehead.

Diggin the Jeremy Scott Fashion, and the Heavy Keith Haring influence (look for more about the late Keith in the next edition of culture). The vibrant pixilated colours of the backdrops are also a strong vibrant visual for the summer time, where this is clearly aimed. Which is all good, in a happy, clappy shiny type of way, but that super colourful, new ravey type shit is a little bit dead now, even for Americans!

Rhianna’s style, (or more accurately, that of her stylist) is on the ball in a fashion sense, but that doesn’t mean they look good! We’re bound to see those hideous high shorts all over womens bottom halves this summer. A word to the wise though just wear a sturdy pair of knickers, because that camel toe shit isn’t cute.

Other than that....erm, dude in the video looks like Chris Brown, i was half expecting him to spin round, and spark her in her crooked boat, and clothes line to the floor, and hold her down for the 3 count UFC style…Needless to say when it didn’t happen, I demanded my money, well at least 3.45 minutes of my life, back!

God told me to piss off though, said if I was dumb enough to waste a
precious 3.45 on Rhianna, then I was a cunt, and got what I deserved!

It's going be a big hit, so you saw it here first, but damn, how did
this girl ever get a record deal?!?!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Don’t Kanye me, or I’ll Chris Brown you, and Tiger Woods your mum!

This will be the most insane assault on your senses this year, the
visuals take 'disturbing' to another level, the lyrics sound completely
obscene, without mention of the ‘N’ word, or ‘bitches’ once, and the
inclusion of a school girl, with a fanny skimming skirt and knee high
socks only compounding matters; should you be aroused, or repulsed!?

Press play now!

Now take a minute and breathe.

Ok, you feeling a little better?! Good. Die Antwoord (or The Answer) is a South African rap collective, from the scummy white trash part of town.

The first thing... yes, this is completely serious. When I first saw this, I thought that some South Africans had gone out of their way to take the piss out of my life.

This video looks like they could have been shot for some spoof comedy
program on the Afrikaaans TV network.

However, I was so curious that after asking around amongst some South African ‘trendies’ that jam around the oh-so-cool Kingsland rd, it turns out this is a bonafide track and video. I also did some research “all over the inter-web”, and discovered that Yo Landi, the cute blonde, and the tall skinny one Nija Are actually a married couple, and have been making hip hop music in their native South Africa under various guises, and within different collectives for years.

Once you get past how funny looking this dude looks, his skills are actually
quite sick. Skinny Man is also a funny looking, scrawny white dude with jug ears and bad teeth...but nobody would ever deny he's a sick MC.
You have to admire how they've subverted the tired genre of Hip Hop videos, using the weirdest cast of 'video-honeys' you've seen in a while...

A skinny crack head looking bean pole with dental issues and a tiny nymphette, who looks albino, and is obviously as mad, and talented as Bjork, throw in a ratty looking midget, and you’ve made a seriously visually arresting video. This is true 'high concept' music video-making and the use of stark black and white is sick!

The music is hybrid Hip Hop and Techno, which in itself, is a huge
fucking achievement, and if this dropped in a club, I'd probably
start moshing in the corner with the man-dem!

I find it very telling of the transformative powers of Hip Hop, a deeply racist society like the pre-Mandela (apartheid?) South Africa, can flip a whole 180 degrees in a few short years, to the point where white Afrikaans are producing some of the most innovative “black” music in the world right now.


Sincere featuring Scorcher, Wretch 32, G Frsh, Little Dee & Ghetts - Pass It Over (Official Video)

Get ready to be annoyed...

You will hear this stupid song all summer...Jamaica's answer to KIG's 'Heads Shoulders Knees & Toes'


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Stop Begging pt2

Stop Begging - Stop begging eps2 on MUZU

More from Agostinho, Jack Cannon & co!

It was so good, my legs are still shaking

I’m having a bit of an existential crisis with this blog entry!

I fully realise that I’m going to burn in hell for laughing at this,
and I’m going to contribute to you all burning in hell too...

...but the timing of the drop on the bassline, is bone breakingly hilarious!!

I fell over and chipped my tooth on my toenails when it kicked in, and
rolled around in the puddles of my own urine that involuntarily gushed

It was at this point that I realised what it must be like for this
poor girl. I know that it’s not fair, to laugh at a woman who is
debilitated from such a serious condition, at such a young age… I shed
a silent tear.

And then I skipped to the beginning, and watched the whole thing again.

May the Lord have mercy on my soul!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Nightmares never sleep

Sick ad! Props to Trapstar on this one

Check ME out

Its not often I plug myself on here, but I thought F it!

Have a listen to my latest podcast, lots & lots of massive tuneage!


Lil Wayne: Ustream from studio on last day of freedom

Crazy, I hope Weezy has some friends in the big house...hes got problems otherwise!


Kicks Of The Day!


Nike Air Force 1 High Supreme - Tokyo Destroyers


So the good people at Trapstar & Supra are treating you to yet another Street Wear sale, plus the too will be launching some new bits including a collaborative effort!

This saturday 13th Feb  @ Supra London, Portobello Road.

Catch myself, Livin Proof's DJ Snips & DJ Cumfy on the decks!


The Future..

Have you ever wondered what the future will look like?!

I always imagined it to be a baron post apocalyptic wasteland, ruled with pusedo-tribal savage cannibals, tha roam the land looking for Petrol, fuel and weak groups of people to prey upon and eat.

However disappointingly, it looks more like this.....

Slightly sinister, severally obese, and lacking in the common human decency to even have a in-tune singing voice.

Theres some Spanish Simon Cowel type cunt behind all this, let's track him down and feed him used condoms till he repents!

Does' anyone else feel a bit queasy watching this vid?!?!


Sunday, 7 February 2010

One of the UK's most highly rated spitters Wretch 32's new mixtape dropped a short while ago via his Twitter page, a collection of unreleased remixes, collaborations, freestyles and original tracks.

Download HERE


Kicks Of The Day!


RIP Big Pun!

10 Years today since Pun passed! RIP to one of Hip Hop's best ever!

Here's my top 5 Pun Tracks...



Back for the first time...

Ok, so I guess before we go any further, thanks for all the love the column received last week, reading all those emails and comments made me feel all warm and tingly inside...

OR maybe that’s just the Irritable Bowel Syndrome playing up again.

Press play:

So walking through the underground station the other day, dodging mice, escalators that want to eat my jeans, and ├╝ber fat brers, who want to suffocate me with there dhutty-sweaty armpits, I spotted a poster for the new Gorillaz single.

The Gorilaz dropping a new single, is exciting enough for us as it is, but when we see that it features Rare Groove legend Bobby Womack, and the illest MC in the game (well definitely in my top 5 anyway) in the shape of Mos Def, then we walk funny, cos our jeans have suddenly got
a little too snug in the y-fronts region!!

This tune's too BOXFRESH for a video as yet, but nonetheless, that filthy deep bassline, and soulful warblings of Lord Womack make us want to don our red leather fingerless gloves, and start rocking some serious body popping moves on a street corner somewhere.

Talking of emotionally draining, severally intense films about race, abuse and violence….(we weren’t talking about it, but we are now!), last Friday saw the cinema release of the hotly anticipated film Precious.

It follows an Obese African American girl, Precious (played excellently by Gabourey Sidibe), who is pregnant with her second child, as she struggles to find her way in life as a woman, and as a mother, and out of an abusive household.

The cameos by the excellent Mariah Carey, and Lenny Kravitz feel a little out of place at first, but they are both give wicked performances, as is Mo'nique's, who switches from being a complete
tyrannical monster bitch, to blubbering, pitiful victim within a couple of frames of film. Deep stuff.

As emotionally manipulative as it may feel at times, it’s completely worth the experience, as you’ll walk out of the film feeling as spiritually clean as a new born baby.

Definitely an eye opener it really made me think about those less fortunate than ourselves and especially those suffering in Haiti right now. Please find a reputable charity, and donate all that you can afford to the relief effort, suddenly those new box fresh Reebok Pumps don’t feel as important after watching the news do they?

For more cultural forward thinking, it us again around the same time next week, and remember kids, always wear a condom!


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Wiley featuring Emeli Sande - Never Be Your Woman (Official Video)

Been spinning the original mix since September, glad its getting the right treatment!



Friday, 5 February 2010

Mistajam @ Mash!

Well, most of you who were complaining about no money in January should all be over that hill by now...

If not oh well, I feel your pain but if a mofo like you has been paid...get down to Mash Clothing 2nite between 6-8pm for a 10% sale & catch the biggest dj in the UK @ present...MistaJam, gracing the decks! If you cant make it to the store the sale runs online too! Happy shopping.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pending in the immediate lake

Our Friend Suz and the good people at Over It & Co present a solo show by Jennifer Crouch @ Arthur & Albert Studio on scrutton street (just off curtain road) Shoreditch.

Its on between Friday & Sunday, check it out!

Gil Scott-Heron - 'Me & The Devil'

The new Gil Scott-Heron track 'Me And The Devil'.

Gotta love the spoken word on this, and the highly stylised video...

A sense of impending doom, some great 'LaHaine', and 'The Warriors' references and a zombie/pissed
drunk brer.

Gotta love it!



If you've been to Whats Good before, you know the drill!

get there early or hold a cotch outside

Shank - Official Trailer

Gotta big up our friend Mo Ali, looks like the hard work is about to pay off!

Looking forward to seeing the finished article...

Shank is out March 26th

Tuesday, 2 February 2010



Major Lazer X Elephant Man - Halo (Cover)

Mad ting, absolutely BIG!
Download Here


B.O.B - May 25th

Bobby Ray aka B.O.B is looked upon by many in the hip hop world as the next big thing to come outta the southern states (you should remember his track 'I'll be in the sky' or his recent collaboration with South London's Giggs on 'Dont go there') with his most obvious comparison being Outkast's Andre 3000, B.O.B is definitely one to keep an eye for 2010

Download the mixtape Here


Monday, 1 February 2010

Kicks Of The Day!


Winter Jacket

Loving this, a good solid ep from Brasco, download it here



Boom Bye Bye celebrates its 1st birthday this weekend! Props to Patricia & Roy!

I'll be down there doing my thang...make sure you're there!


New Erykah....

Its funny that a new track from Ms Badu should surface this weekend, I dropped  'On & On' in my throwback show for Deja's Alternative Week and I've been bumping 'Buduizsm' most of this weekend...

With that said, reading Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne & Bilal on a track together sounds incredible, but...I don't know if I love this yet, thoughts?

Erykah Badu featuring Bilal & Lil Wayne - Jump in the air (stay there)