Friday, 26 February 2010

It really is Campaign Time

Having a voice, striving to make a difference and taking control of their lives; meet Shooting Star Poets from Skelmersdale, Liverpool. This collective of young aspiring artists (six MC’s and one female vocalist) are about to release their debut single Campaign Time with the help of Strummerville. 

Joe Strummers’ lyrics inspired generations; Strummerville strives to compliment his ethos. The charity set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer champions ‘new’ musicians and also endeavours to continue Joe’s legend of creating change and taking action for one’s beliefs. Shooting Star Poets are Strummerville’s latest discovery. 

Campaign Time tackles the subject of knife and gun crime; alarmingly every member of the seven strong group has been directly affected by knife crime. The single featuring The Profit, Lee Pell, Patriot and Lisa Angel, will be the campaign track supporting the new initiative from SAMM - Support After Murder and Manslaughter (Merseyside), a registered charity that raises public awareness of the effects of murder and manslaughter on families and communities. Chaired by Gaynor Bell, SAMM deals with the issues that arise in the aftermath of murder or manslaughter and pushes for change to eradicate the thoughtlessness and insensitive ways in which the Criminal Justice System deals with families of murder victims. SAMM promotes and supports research into the effects on society and to disseminate the results of such research. 

Shooting Star Poets met Gaynor in 2008. They’d been making mix tapes and recording tracks together since 2003. The members were living in estate(s) in and amongst crime and looking for a way out. Working for SAMM has been the perfect opportunity for them to focus their energies in helping the community in any way they can. Over the past few years they’ve positioned themselves as positive examples amongst their peers, connecting with them through their music. Strummerville has helped them with the recording of their EP; introducing them to producers Balistiq Beats and featured London MC’s Trim and Obese. Strummerville also commissioned the video, directed by Orson Nava, brother of Jake Nava (award winning video director).
Shooting Star Poets’ debut single Campaign Time will be released on 5th April with a launch event taking place at the Everton Football Club on March 31st.


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  1. this is wicked!! everyone should add this video to their myspaces. excellent, excellent and very serious message