Tuesday, 23 February 2010

X Box Natal = Wii fi dead!

So you know what the hell I'm talking about check the official site from microsoft here

Read it? Cool

So the Natal (as its currently named) is sure to be the #1 xmas present this year! And is sure to have Nintendo pissing their pants as its essentially a Wii that doesnt require a remote!

Luckily, myself & Merrick managed to tag along with our mates to the UK launch last night! It was a nice little party in a sick central London pad, before we were allowed to get our hands on (well wave them) at The Natal, we were treated to the evolution of video gaming, from Pong to Pacman, NES to Dreamcast, XBox to 360...

When we were finally allowed to have a go on the Natal we managed to find a private room where we arsed around on it for a good half an hour!
Then Johnathan Ross & his kids came in & kicked us off....

But we did leave with free 360's so no complaints!

The Natal is a bad man ting, looking forward to getting one in september!

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