Friday, 12 February 2010

Rhi-Kanna? Rhi-Ranna? No it was RhiNanna!

So here is the boxfresh video by an new artist called Rhianna. I've not heard of her before, and she's new to the UK 'Urban' music scene, but by all accounts, she's massive in Germany!!!

*Spoiler alert*

I can't personally stand this girl, bear that in mind when you read the following…

Songs ok, bit catchy, she still can't sing for shit, has a lazy eye, and a
big-arsed forehead.

Diggin the Jeremy Scott Fashion, and the Heavy Keith Haring influence (look for more about the late Keith in the next edition of culture). The vibrant pixilated colours of the backdrops are also a strong vibrant visual for the summer time, where this is clearly aimed. Which is all good, in a happy, clappy shiny type of way, but that super colourful, new ravey type shit is a little bit dead now, even for Americans!

Rhianna’s style, (or more accurately, that of her stylist) is on the ball in a fashion sense, but that doesn’t mean they look good! We’re bound to see those hideous high shorts all over womens bottom halves this summer. A word to the wise though just wear a sturdy pair of knickers, because that camel toe shit isn’t cute.

Other than that....erm, dude in the video looks like Chris Brown, i was half expecting him to spin round, and spark her in her crooked boat, and clothes line to the floor, and hold her down for the 3 count UFC style…Needless to say when it didn’t happen, I demanded my money, well at least 3.45 minutes of my life, back!

God told me to piss off though, said if I was dumb enough to waste a
precious 3.45 on Rhianna, then I was a cunt, and got what I deserved!

It's going be a big hit, so you saw it here first, but damn, how did
this girl ever get a record deal?!?!

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