Monday, 22 February 2010

Don't make me kick yo' monkey ass!

This film Stars 'McLovin' from the comedy Superbad alongside Nick Cage & more.

But it doesn't just star any skinny geek brer, on some tryna get laid flex...

ohhhh noooo, this film stars McLovin in lycra tights, a rubberface mask and a seriously gravity defining Quiff that would effortlessly par them Jedward dickheads like it was nothing!!

If you watched that clip, and arent't slightly in awe of the audacity of the ridiculousness of the concept of this film, then you have no soul, and quite frankly, you should sling your hook, cos we don't want waste man like you around here!!

When Kick Ass hits this summer, i'm predicting theres gonna be an upsurge in Lycra wearing, super hero activity in some of the more gully parts of town, as vigilantes arm themselves, and take a bat to gun toting, crack shotting Russian Mafia types in Dalston!


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