Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How to make a boom Tv series in America...

Mix a healthy dose of money lust, much enterprise, a little hope, some sex, and fashion, and pour out onto a base of grassroots working class existential crisis, place on the TV, and wait for it to grow massive.

This is shot beautifully, is well acted, and is pretty damn fun to watch, it inspires you to want to go out, and shot second hand clothes down Bricklane Market on a Sunday!!

The energy of New York city courses through this programs veins, and it all feels so real, and immediate to the viewer that we're pretty sure this is gonna be massive, and run for several seasons.

The HBO power house has a reputation for quality programs including innovative 'slice of life' stuff like the Sopranos, and OZ so we're expecting big things..

It's refreshing to watch a series from the US which doesn't involve Doctors, Forensic scientists or some old-well preserved rich women looking to get some dick.

It also stars a certain young lady called Shannon Sossamon, who has been a crush of mine for the past 7 years....*Sigh*, she's so lovely! Kid Cudi, and John Varcos (from Raising Victor Varges) also star.

Catch more details, and download the Kid Cudi Mixtape at the official site, which is in the nifty form of a blog, we like.


I guess you'll have to catch it online, cos it's not playing anywhere in the UK yet.

I'm about to get my download on!

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