Friday, 30 July 2010

Motive Gets Faded

Mo's been featured in The Fader.

Check out the full feature here, JustJam and Tim&Barry all get a mention.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Converse X Dazed Emerging Artist Awards

Back in April WHATHEHELLE FONTENELLE told you about the Emerging Artist Award competition launched by Dazed and Converse. Mentioned was a sizeable prize for the winner and I can tell you that prize was a whole 6 bags and a Grand each for the four other short listed entrants.

Peters Winning Piece

It was Peter Ainsworth who managed to get his hands on the 6 large and his work will be on show along with the four other runners up in the Stephen Friedman gallery 25-28 Burlington Street W1S 3AN from 30th of July to 21st of August.

Visit Dazed for more info.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Nike Infrared X Primitive Pack

The Nike Infrared has just been re-released a couple weeks back and Primitive a sneaker store in the US decided it would be a good idea to get a peng ting, put her in a pair of Infrared's, tell her to pose in some underwear and take some snaps. All to put together a Primitive Tee shirt and New Era to accompany the trainers.

It might have been the best idea ever....

Sunday, 25 July 2010


One of the best Grime tunes around for a long time is out tomorrow!

Look out for the video...

Cop that!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Crooks & Castles Fall 2010 Lookbook

Some bits out of the 'True Romance' inspired fall collection from Crooks & Castles

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nas X Damian Marley Concert Review...

So last night I finally got to see Nas & Damian Marley live in concert...

As far as expectations for the show...I wanted to hear some classic Nas solo stuff as well as the best of the new album & the stuff I knew from Damian.

When we rocked up to the Apollo, Akala was on stage with his usual yawn (apparently we'd missed Ty...Fail) followed by Semtex & David Rodigan, who had the whole place vibing with some sicka reggae tuneage, he set the show up in a big way (legend).

Next up one of my personal favourite DJs Green Lantern jumps on & gives a quick education in how to rock a Hip Hop crowd & tried to surprise us all by bringing out Jay Electronica who got parred as they didnt turn his mic on!

By this time we were all more than ready, i'd necked two ciders & burned a little spliff, the crowd was amped & I could sense a real mix of Hip Hop & Reggae fans, something I'd not really felt at a concert before...

If youre expecting a track by track breakdown of the show you're reading the wrong blog! BUT, what I can tell you is this...

Nas badly kicked a few classics 'Represent' 'Street Dreams' 'If I ruled the world' 'Got urself a gun' 'Made you look' 'Hate me now' + a couple others but I felt really let down by Nas' solo efforts, he either forgot the words alot, lost his breath alot or was drunk...

Damian did the obvious 'Welcome to Jamrock' his version of the 'Mission Riddim' & a few other bits i dont know the names of! There were obviously alot of Jr Gong fans in the place & together they did ALOT off the new collab album 'Distant Relatives' including my favourites 'Land of Promise' 'Dispear' 'Patience' 'Nah Mean' 'Tribes at war' & 'Africa Must wake up'

They ended the show with the lead single off the album 'As We Enter' which had the place going nuts & then a quick tribute to Damian's pops Bob Marley.

Good show overall,  great vibes...must listen to the album more!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cassetteplaya + DJ Q Bassline mixtape

Sorry I left you cold and naked on my doorstep to be mauled by a pack of rabid wolves. It's okay now you're over that spell of pneumonia, right? Pheeew! I thought that was gonna get in the way of what we had. Speaking of beautiful Carri "Cassetteplaya" Munden and DJQ released a bassline mixtape the other day. It's got a lot of grime bangers remixed, which sounds like people north of London actually have good taste in music and don't all infact listen to Oasis and that band named after a now rarely seen insect! I'm off to Leeds to skank to some bassline and impregnate some white chicks, till then here is the mix.

Click HERE to listen and download

Conspiracy For Good - The Launch

Conspiracy For Good was not just a one off party, Conspiracy for good is a movement, a large charitable movement birthed from the brain of Tim Kring and backed by Nokia.

Its a game where players run around London like mad men, creating diversions, visiting safe houses using Nokia phones to find clues and all that crazy dungeons and dragons shi*, theeenn get to have crazy party at the end of it all.

Players and party goer's headed down to the London Bridge arches and were allowed entry with an old mobile phone to donate to Envirofone (You getting the charity bit) which got them a couple free drinks on the house,which is fair play I lie? And to get a couple more complimentary beverages all they had to do was get their mug snapped, you really can't complain can ya.

The Monorex boys came down and put on quite the show, Reaps one killed I still don't understand how he managed to make such noises with his voice box, Giggs murrdddrreeedd whilst PnB's Motive, Tim and Barry and Deadly Rhythm Sound-System kept the people moving.

Good Times Good Times, watch out for More CFG events this summer.

Shouts to Kyle Sigh for the flicks.

Shyne x XXL magazine

Looking forward to hearing mo' from Po!

Friday, 16 July 2010

#FML moments....

This frog's last moments were undoubtedly the least dignified death in history.

I you believe in the principles of Karma, then this Frog was probably Hitler in a past life or something

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Conspiracy For Good

For More information/guestlist email NATE@RUBYPSEUDO.COM

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mumdance - Different Circles

Big shout to Mumdance, despite him getting told off for playing beats J2K wasnt feeling @ Just Jam last month, he played alotta bangers & hes not bad at making his own either, download his mixtape 'Different Circles' HERE

Simples (No Meerkat)


New video from Flying Lotus, sicka visuals! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I need air...

Official video for the forthcoming Magnetic Man (Skream & Benga) single, these vocal dubstep tracks are really doing the business right now!

Good news Crep Heads...

Foot Patrol is reopening this month!

If that means fuck all to you, its basically another Trainer spot under the JD Sports umbrella (a la Size) which will be dealing with more high end stuff (Supreme, Adidas Consortium & Deadstock bits) to keep the more hardcore sneaker heads happy...

The 800 sq foot store will be located on Soho's Berwick St, for more info keep track of the foot patrol site.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Jordan September Drops

The Jordan Brand just dropped their september collection, you can check all the stuff out here I only felt the above!

Wiley - Best of the ZIP files...

In case you've been under a rock for the last 4 days or couldnt give a fuck about Grime & dont have a twitter account....

The Godfather of Grime Wiley lost his marbles & leaked 11 zip files of unreleased tracks, some of which were supposed to be included on his now scrapped Island Records album 'The Ellusive'

As excited by the prospect of 100 odd Wiley tunes you might never have heard hitting the net, its quite a task sifting through it all to find the gems, so Davey Boy Smith of Southern Hospitality has compiled his 'best of' enjoy!

Rick Ross ft Styles P - BMF (Blowin Money Fast) Video

Loving the brashness of this, Ricky makes the best street videos doesnt he?!

Some ig'nant shit for ya monday afternoon!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Profiles with Dee Vazquez

My homie Kwamz just put me onto these short but funny little interviews, Dee Vazquez (I'm guessin she's hot because of the name) is a chick who runs round asking a bunch of industry heads (Mostly Rappers) the same short questions. The different answers given are quite interesting but what's even more intriguing are the similarities.
There seems to be something odd going on with the sword question and its revealed a lot of rappers love to sleep with some sort of green and machinery.

Uncle Murda gives me jokes "Right after you nut" LOL! and Rae is feeling The Princess and The Frog "It's Official," apparently.

There's a whole lot more of these profiles with Kay Slay, Tony Yayo , DJ Vlad and others over HERE.


Dom Kennedy is a favourite of mine. But then again I listen to a lot of widely sought after hip hop. I stumbled upon him when I heard menace beach a while ago. It's not life changing rap but it's chilled and very westcoast. Anyway this is the first video of his "From the westside with love" Mixtape which dropped a few months back. Roll up a fat fatty and enjoy. Crack over and out.

Top Billin...

So us here @ PNB along with a couple of friends are filling the void left by the 'end' of Marketplace in central ldn a few months ago....

TOP BILLIN will be a monthly jam, where everyone can get their fix of good hip hop plus a bit of bashment, soul/funk, ukg & dubstep.

DJ's: Martelo, Snips (Livin Proof), DJ Cable (DMC champ), CWD (Yo Mama), Kish Kash, Rd7 + myself Motive!

Its guest list only as we wanna keep the riff raf out! so email names to

Free b4 10, £5 afterwards


Wednesday, 7 July 2010


To all M.I.A sympathizers you can now stream her album here on deadspace. Happy-silly-sounds-we'll-all-be-dancing-to-soon-enough-day-!

Wake the town...

My name is Crack Stevens, I run a lickle blog over here. But I guess I'm now dropping some things for you on Party n Bullshit. So I'll stop chatting the latter and get to sharing the love. Being highly caught up in the internets web I'm fiendishly on it everyday. Today I came across Dels new video "Shapeshift" featuring Joe, the one from Hot chip who likes to pretend he is an MC.

I managed to get into a bit of back and forth on youtube with the video directors Usdesignstudio (who made Tinie Tempahs videos) by saying it reminded my of another effort by Michel Gondry. In most cases that is a compliment but it seems the makers decided to make the video a private one following my observational behaviour. The video in question was "Open your heart"" by Mid Doi Todd.

Anyway what I'm getting at is that it's a good video and everything is plagiarized anyway right, so why not copy the best? And also if you don't know me I can be very annoying. Dels album is out in the near future but till there here is his last mixtape. Glad to finally have made you're acquaintance.

Just Jam Catch Up

If you still havent come down to Just Jam yet & you're into UK Music, you're without a doubt cheating yourself!

This week we have UK Funky Royalty in the building with Donae'o, Pioneer & Supa D in the North London's infamous Bloodline Family (Big H & co) + the big beatmaker Dexplicit (Pow), up & coming Grime kid J Beatz + more! Get your ass down or lock in!

Check some recent highlights below too....

#FML moments....

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

J.Cole @ Wireless

I made it down to Wireless on Sunday, its been well documented that I'm a big fan of young Jermaine Cole so I was extremely pleased to see him get so much love in London!

My pics are a bit shite, I didnt really wanna have the camera out the whole time, guess I'm one of those fans that actually likes to watch the raasclaat show!

I did manage to film some bits though, check 'Lights Please' below:

J.Cole - Lights Please (Live @ Wireless 2010) from partynbullshit on Vimeo.

Kicks of the day...

Perfect summer creppage!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Pimpin ain't easy baby....

Although charismatic, eloquent and charming, Pimps are essentially manipulative sociopathic scumbags.

Daymmm, they be riding clean tho!!!


Hughes Brothers, often discarded as mere Hip hop Film makers, are some of my favourites.

From Sleepy Hollow, (the shamefully underated) Dead Presidents, and this, a documentry about the pimps, ho's and the game!

It covers everything from the styles, getting started, the phycology involved and how the game works across the board.

A fascinating film.

We're 1

Its funny what can change in a year....

Myself & Merrick sat down and decided we were gonna start doing nights under M&M, Party N Bullshit was to be the first night with more coming under the M&M promotions name...

We didnt even write Party N Bullshit properly on the flyer in case we pissed off the club owner, Ive gotta laugh at that!

The blog to be totally honest wasnt even planned from the beginning, when we did the Reset afterparty last August with Trapstar & Tim N Barry we felt like we needed a site to stick on the flyer with theirs so i quickly set up a squarespace blog & its kind of just kept rolling from there, we moved it over to blogspot in November, I copped the Url in February & I wouldnt say the rest is history...but yeah you're reading this so we're doing suttum right I guess?

Over this past year, alot has changed within the team, its not longer Merrick with me on this (though i'm gonna be kidnapping him for the tees when its that time) I'm the bawse on my own now, the team's rebuilding (shout to Akin aka Crack Stevens for jumping on board!) we've got various nights in London popping off (Overproof, Stop Begging & Top Billin) that we do with a few friends (shouts to Tim & Barry, Cannon & Kish) & im in talks with a few peeps to morph us into a new collective site (more info on that as it happens).

Shouts to all the team, everyone who sends us stuff to blog, all the peeps who come to our events & check the blog...LOVE!

We're not doing a '1st year anniversary' party as whats the point? I dont even make a fuss over kids' 1st birthdays, there'll be plenty more innit!

Friday, 2 July 2010

The Return of Mr Pane..

Mikil Pane's new video for the title track off his EP, very slick in every sense.


GRIND x Mash Clothing

Our friends @ GRIND clothing & Mash have linked up for another Mash Sessions @ the Oxford St store!

Get down there this saturday & you can cop this GRIND 'Monster Mash' tee exclusive to the event!

Disney X Casio X Jam Home Made X SHIPS JET BLUE – Mickey Mouse G-Shock DW-5600

Kanye West - Power (artwork)

Love the single, love the artwork, Mr West may still yet have a fan in me....go cop Power now!

Chiddy Bang - Sooner or Later

I'm a fan of this video maybe I'm biased and because it's filmed in Nigeria and Chiddy Bang is Nigerian. But I say fuck it, it's a blog and I can post what I feel non?

This makes me feel thankful for real, I didn't expect Chiddy to come out on a semi-political tip and to be honest when M.I.A get's her on political pedestal it pisses me off, but this didn't irk me at all. I think its because it wasn't too preachy, but then again it could be because I'm Nigerian and the visuals and song focus on my beloved but troubled country.

I like this joint more than the first Chiddy Bang song I heard "Opposites of Adults," which I thought was mediocre at best, not saying this song is crack...but I am digging it.

Check out the Naija policeman at 2.31 , Chiddy asks 'bout his strap, but I don't think the officer has a clue what he's on about, I think he just knows that his gun works and it can kill a man.
In fact I'm not sure the brutha is even an officer he could just be a man, in a vest, with a gun.

"This is why I say I'm guilty of being privileged, because when I'm in the booth my cousins in the village."

Chiddy kicked knowledge with that line. word.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lego for adults

So Lego makes its way back onto my Xmas list 20 odd years later!

This month's RWD mag

Not only is my mate Yasmin (she's dropped the DJ bit) on the cover! my dargs Jamie Howard & Professor Green are featured as well as the lovely Poppy Lafond + Trapstar & Trinotron in the fashion section!

Check it out here

Gassed off Glasto!

Im knacked & battered from the long weekend at Glasto, its taken me 3 days to even gather the strength to upload pics & blog...

Had the best weekend in a longtime (possibly one of the best ever!) Snoop & Stevie Wonder were amazing, but what made me happier was seeing UK music fuck up the place...

P Money held it down on the BBC introducing stage, saturday on the East Dance stage was like a takeover with Scorcher, Bashy, Donaeo, Roll Deep, Skepta, Tinie Tempa & of course Giggs all rocking the crowd!

YoYo's @ Block 9's London Underground was perhaps the highlight of my entire festival...all I can say is it was a mad teng...Redlight, Annie Mac, Marcus Nasty back to back with Seb Chew & L-Vis 1990 smashed it!

I was actually meant to DJ most nights @ The Mutate Britain Bar in The Unfair Ground, but only managed to do a set on the friday night (fail).

I also managed to catch Joy Orbison, Yasmin, Professor Green, Adam F, LCD Soundsystem, Chase & Status & a few others.

Gotta big up all of the Mutate Britain fam, Rosa & Delilah, Seb, Dom & all the Yoyo gang, Dj Jawa & Ross Allen, all of the djs & artists who repped down there, Henni, Iona, Blaise, Keleigh & of course my partners in crime Red & Alf!

Im resting my feet from all the walking so you shall not be seeing me out til the weekend!

Check out some more of my pics after the jump!