Friday, 2 July 2010

Chiddy Bang - Sooner or Later

I'm a fan of this video maybe I'm biased and because it's filmed in Nigeria and Chiddy Bang is Nigerian. But I say fuck it, it's a blog and I can post what I feel non?

This makes me feel thankful for real, I didn't expect Chiddy to come out on a semi-political tip and to be honest when M.I.A get's her on political pedestal it pisses me off, but this didn't irk me at all. I think its because it wasn't too preachy, but then again it could be because I'm Nigerian and the visuals and song focus on my beloved but troubled country.

I like this joint more than the first Chiddy Bang song I heard "Opposites of Adults," which I thought was mediocre at best, not saying this song is crack...but I am digging it.

Check out the Naija policeman at 2.31 , Chiddy asks 'bout his strap, but I don't think the officer has a clue what he's on about, I think he just knows that his gun works and it can kill a man.
In fact I'm not sure the brutha is even an officer he could just be a man, in a vest, with a gun.

"This is why I say I'm guilty of being privileged, because when I'm in the booth my cousins in the village."

Chiddy kicked knowledge with that line. word.

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