Monday, 5 July 2010

We're 1

Its funny what can change in a year....

Myself & Merrick sat down and decided we were gonna start doing nights under M&M, Party N Bullshit was to be the first night with more coming under the M&M promotions name...

We didnt even write Party N Bullshit properly on the flyer in case we pissed off the club owner, Ive gotta laugh at that!

The blog to be totally honest wasnt even planned from the beginning, when we did the Reset afterparty last August with Trapstar & Tim N Barry we felt like we needed a site to stick on the flyer with theirs so i quickly set up a squarespace blog & its kind of just kept rolling from there, we moved it over to blogspot in November, I copped the Url in February & I wouldnt say the rest is history...but yeah you're reading this so we're doing suttum right I guess?

Over this past year, alot has changed within the team, its not longer Merrick with me on this (though i'm gonna be kidnapping him for the tees when its that time) I'm the bawse on my own now, the team's rebuilding (shout to Akin aka Crack Stevens for jumping on board!) we've got various nights in London popping off (Overproof, Stop Begging & Top Billin) that we do with a few friends (shouts to Tim & Barry, Cannon & Kish) & im in talks with a few peeps to morph us into a new collective site (more info on that as it happens).

Shouts to all the team, everyone who sends us stuff to blog, all the peeps who come to our events & check the blog...LOVE!

We're not doing a '1st year anniversary' party as whats the point? I dont even make a fuss over kids' 1st birthdays, there'll be plenty more innit!

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