Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Conspiracy For Good - The Launch

Conspiracy For Good was not just a one off party, Conspiracy for good is a movement, a large charitable movement birthed from the brain of Tim Kring and backed by Nokia.

Its a game where players run around London like mad men, creating diversions, visiting safe houses using Nokia phones to find clues and all that crazy dungeons and dragons shi*, theeenn get to have crazy party at the end of it all.

Players and party goer's headed down to the London Bridge arches and were allowed entry with an old mobile phone to donate to Envirofone (You getting the charity bit) which got them a couple free drinks on the house,which is fair play I lie? And to get a couple more complimentary beverages all they had to do was get their mug snapped, you really can't complain can ya.

The Monorex boys came down and put on quite the show, Reaps one killed I still don't understand how he managed to make such noises with his voice box, Giggs murrdddrreeedd whilst PnB's Motive, Tim and Barry and Deadly Rhythm Sound-System kept the people moving.

Good Times Good Times, watch out for More CFG events this summer.

Shouts to Kyle Sigh for the flicks.

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