Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Cassetteplaya + DJ Q Bassline mixtape

Sorry I left you cold and naked on my doorstep to be mauled by a pack of rabid wolves. It's okay now you're over that spell of pneumonia, right? Pheeew! I thought that was gonna get in the way of what we had. Speaking of beautiful Carri "Cassetteplaya" Munden and DJQ released a bassline mixtape the other day. It's got a lot of grime bangers remixed, which sounds like people north of London actually have good taste in music and don't all infact listen to Oasis and that band named after a now rarely seen insect! I'm off to Leeds to skank to some bassline and impregnate some white chicks, till then here is the mix.

Click HERE to listen and download

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