Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wake the town...

My name is Crack Stevens, I run a lickle blog over here. But I guess I'm now dropping some things for you on Party n Bullshit. So I'll stop chatting the latter and get to sharing the love. Being highly caught up in the internets web I'm fiendishly on it everyday. Today I came across Dels new video "Shapeshift" featuring Joe, the one from Hot chip who likes to pretend he is an MC.

I managed to get into a bit of back and forth on youtube with the video directors Usdesignstudio (who made Tinie Tempahs videos) by saying it reminded my of another effort by Michel Gondry. In most cases that is a compliment but it seems the makers decided to make the video a private one following my observational behaviour. The video in question was "Open your heart"" by Mid Doi Todd.

Anyway what I'm getting at is that it's a good video and everything is plagiarized anyway right, so why not copy the best? And also if you don't know me I can be very annoying. Dels album is out in the near future but till there here is his last mixtape. Glad to finally have made you're acquaintance.

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