Thursday, 11 February 2010

Don’t Kanye me, or I’ll Chris Brown you, and Tiger Woods your mum!

This will be the most insane assault on your senses this year, the
visuals take 'disturbing' to another level, the lyrics sound completely
obscene, without mention of the ‘N’ word, or ‘bitches’ once, and the
inclusion of a school girl, with a fanny skimming skirt and knee high
socks only compounding matters; should you be aroused, or repulsed!?

Press play now!

Now take a minute and breathe.

Ok, you feeling a little better?! Good. Die Antwoord (or The Answer) is a South African rap collective, from the scummy white trash part of town.

The first thing... yes, this is completely serious. When I first saw this, I thought that some South Africans had gone out of their way to take the piss out of my life.

This video looks like they could have been shot for some spoof comedy
program on the Afrikaaans TV network.

However, I was so curious that after asking around amongst some South African ‘trendies’ that jam around the oh-so-cool Kingsland rd, it turns out this is a bonafide track and video. I also did some research “all over the inter-web”, and discovered that Yo Landi, the cute blonde, and the tall skinny one Nija Are actually a married couple, and have been making hip hop music in their native South Africa under various guises, and within different collectives for years.

Once you get past how funny looking this dude looks, his skills are actually
quite sick. Skinny Man is also a funny looking, scrawny white dude with jug ears and bad teeth...but nobody would ever deny he's a sick MC.
You have to admire how they've subverted the tired genre of Hip Hop videos, using the weirdest cast of 'video-honeys' you've seen in a while...

A skinny crack head looking bean pole with dental issues and a tiny nymphette, who looks albino, and is obviously as mad, and talented as Bjork, throw in a ratty looking midget, and you’ve made a seriously visually arresting video. This is true 'high concept' music video-making and the use of stark black and white is sick!

The music is hybrid Hip Hop and Techno, which in itself, is a huge
fucking achievement, and if this dropped in a club, I'd probably
start moshing in the corner with the man-dem!

I find it very telling of the transformative powers of Hip Hop, a deeply racist society like the pre-Mandela (apartheid?) South Africa, can flip a whole 180 degrees in a few short years, to the point where white Afrikaans are producing some of the most innovative “black” music in the world right now.


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