Monday, 15 February 2010

Here's Johnny!

Johnny Who? you ask...
Yeah I really hadn't heard of this dude either...I quite liked the 'Hey Arnold' feel of the artwork, then I saw Karmaloop, DJ Green Lantern & this quote;

“This is Johnny Polygon.. His music is fuckin dope and these songs are the reason he is part of the Invasion family.. I approve this message.”

So I downloaded it, like you probably will...

This guy is a bum, a tramp, a wasteman even... but a wastrel with swag, I cant explain...

Johnny can rap, he's not outstanding but this is still good in parts, for brief moments even great, he reminds me of Cudi in a good way.

To keep it very simple, If you like Kid Cudi (who features on 'The Riot Song' Remix), The Cool Kids & hipster rap in general then yes, download it you should love it. If not then obviously...keep it moving!

Download here

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