Sunday, 7 February 2010

Back for the first time...

Ok, so I guess before we go any further, thanks for all the love the column received last week, reading all those emails and comments made me feel all warm and tingly inside...

OR maybe that’s just the Irritable Bowel Syndrome playing up again.

Press play:

So walking through the underground station the other day, dodging mice, escalators that want to eat my jeans, and ├╝ber fat brers, who want to suffocate me with there dhutty-sweaty armpits, I spotted a poster for the new Gorillaz single.

The Gorilaz dropping a new single, is exciting enough for us as it is, but when we see that it features Rare Groove legend Bobby Womack, and the illest MC in the game (well definitely in my top 5 anyway) in the shape of Mos Def, then we walk funny, cos our jeans have suddenly got
a little too snug in the y-fronts region!!

This tune's too BOXFRESH for a video as yet, but nonetheless, that filthy deep bassline, and soulful warblings of Lord Womack make us want to don our red leather fingerless gloves, and start rocking some serious body popping moves on a street corner somewhere.

Talking of emotionally draining, severally intense films about race, abuse and violence….(we weren’t talking about it, but we are now!), last Friday saw the cinema release of the hotly anticipated film Precious.

It follows an Obese African American girl, Precious (played excellently by Gabourey Sidibe), who is pregnant with her second child, as she struggles to find her way in life as a woman, and as a mother, and out of an abusive household.

The cameos by the excellent Mariah Carey, and Lenny Kravitz feel a little out of place at first, but they are both give wicked performances, as is Mo'nique's, who switches from being a complete
tyrannical monster bitch, to blubbering, pitiful victim within a couple of frames of film. Deep stuff.

As emotionally manipulative as it may feel at times, it’s completely worth the experience, as you’ll walk out of the film feeling as spiritually clean as a new born baby.

Definitely an eye opener it really made me think about those less fortunate than ourselves and especially those suffering in Haiti right now. Please find a reputable charity, and donate all that you can afford to the relief effort, suddenly those new box fresh Reebok Pumps don’t feel as important after watching the news do they?

For more cultural forward thinking, it us again around the same time next week, and remember kids, always wear a condom!


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