Monday, 21 June 2010

Hate Football, Love Great Ideas

Since the advent of Youtube (which recently celebrated it's 5th birthday) we've seen a completely new form of advertising.

30 sec adverts were always limited to that time frame, because TV time is really expensive, so a craft was developed in 30 second messages.

However, the fact that most online video hosting is free, their is potentially hours of footage to be put online, that is easily accessible, and can be watched repeatedly, and most crucially, shared amongst peers, means that the advertising industry has changed completely.

The widespread availability of digital cameras, and free hosting websites, that get billions of hits a day, means that instead of blowing a massive budget on a 30 second advert advertisers are increasingly basing content on strong ideas, visuals and music.

This means the crap quickly disappears, and great ideas like this, are a winner.

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