Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cam on some bullshi*

Worldstarhiphop you never know what you’re going to find on there, you might find a man with no teeth and size 36dd manbreast rapping about his enormous man meat and tremendous sex appeal. Most time you’ll just find the odd average rapper up gang signs and educating us on the price of his two month year old child’s platinum chain.

But this particular video has led me to be deeply concerned for the state of Killa Cams moral compass, I mean was this stunt planned? Did he tell his homie, “Yo get the camera ready.” And then relay the plan back to his crackhead groupie. I’ve got so many questions, have they just finished fucking? Are they about to? Where are her panties? The car? Lodged in the back of Cam’s throat? Is she drunk, high or stupid?

For my sanity I need these questions answered.

What pisses me off most is I thought Cam would have better taste in ho, damn he let me down, that’s some bullshi*.


P.S : I know there’s been a whole heap of hoopla about Jimmy and Camron kissing and making up which is great for all the Dipset lovers but I for one think cam has lost all ability to rap #justsaying.

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