Wednesday, 16 June 2010

30 Rounds.

This song is a madness, I'm not prone to pumping UK trap rap, but this has been getting multiple reloads on my iTunes. Malik, S.A.S and Gfrsh all come ridiculously hard and Giggs on the hook stitches the track together perfectly with his trademark Slow Flow.

The video is mental as well, directed by J Bubbs of WordOnRoadTV . It's gritty and well shot without looking like it cost the earth. But If you were to take a deeper look, this is more than a banger and a quality visual. It's a statement of the UK's united or uniting underground music scene. Veteran torch bearers of UK hip hop,alongside signed and independent artists coming together all in the name the UK.

This is statement of intent for UK urban music, we've come to get it. As a collective of talented individuals from London to Brum and back again.

"Party like my burtday, can't shut my cake hole." Malik (I love that Line)

BTW, who the hell produced the beat, its fucking ill.

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