Friday, 31 December 2010

Not a 2010 roundup post...

I really don't wanna do what most other bloggers are doing with the 2010 summary shiz, but I can't let the last 365 go without sending some shouts...

So, much love to everyone who's supported in 2010 & Massive shouts to;

Tim, Barry, Cannon & all of the 'Dont Watch That TV' fam, Fivestar & everyone at Trapstar, Sam @ New Era, Andy & Joe 'Oi You', James Rubin & The 'Whats Good' crew, Cable, Martelo, Yasmin, Snips, 7OEL, Craig Wah Day, Khalil, Joe Grime, Oneman, Klose One, The Heatwave fam, all the Pitch Controllers, Rude Kid, Swindle, Charlee Brown, Kish, Brad Farrant, Loren, Sara & All The 'Work it Girls', everyone involved in The Bang Bang, Barney & Youssef @ GRIND, everyone @ Mash, Ronojoy @ Nike, The Mutate Britain/Cordy House family, JC & the Ape Apparrel fam, Loudmouth, K-nite & The Lemonade Money lot, Nu Brand, Mo Ali, Leila Spin, all the BNTL boys The two Kyles of Wholesome, J.P & Hyperfrank, Sian, Jamie Howard, Tan, the whole team (you know who you are!) + anybody who I've worked with in 2010 and forgotten to mention!

And of course anyone who's shown love to the Party N Bullshit movements and my own, wether you came to parties, clicked on posts, listened to mixes, recommended me for something or whatever...more good shit coming your way 2011, your support is appreciated!


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