Monday, 13 December 2010

Thoughts on Detox...

You know what, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about Detox actually happening...

When '2001' dropped in 1999, I wasn't reading XXL or The Source regularly, I didn't have MTV or The Box at home, I wasn't even the biggest Dre fan if I'm honest. I remember seeing the CD in HMV and parring it for another album (of which I won't be mentioning lol). I wasn't familiar with the artist features (Eminem, Snoop, Nate Dogg & Mary J aside)... to be honest I wasn't really much of a West Coast Hip Hop fan, my cd collection was pretty much NY rap heavy.


Since getting bought the album as a present, doing a bit of homework and getting into '2001''s predecessor 'The Chronic' and the best of Dre's catalogue, plus the Aftermath label's output since the good doctor's last album I've built up great anticipation of 'Detox' like I'm sure all Dr Dre fans out there have.

'Kush' the leaked buzz track turned single has gotten a lukewarm response from the blog world & people I've spoken to about it, some love the production & the familiar territory, others hate it simply for the Akon feature or laziness of Dre enlisting Snoop for another weed song. The video has gotten some hate too (or maybe I follow too many stylists & fashion heads on Twitter?)

Personally, I'm satisfied by 'Kush' what the fuck has Dre really got to talk about (get ghostwriters to write about) besides being a Hip Hop god, having money & smoking weed, really? Akon doesn't ruin it, it WILL be a big club tune over the next few months & its just a teaser to what will hopefully be one of the best LPs of 2011. The video is so so, pretty good for an ass/titties/balling promo to be honest!

News that my favourite rapper of the moment who happens to be a Compton native like Dre; Kendrick Lamar is recording material for the album has increased anticipation on my part (check the vid below) as well as new Aftermath signees Slim Da Mobster & Hayes (who's joint signed to Timbaland also)

So for the time being I'm hopeful but still a tad skeptical, will keep you lot posted on news!

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