Thursday, 11 March 2010

It's hard being White. Not that I'd know.

Wow, Ashdot man is a regular Martin Luther. Well, if Mr King was a shit white wannabe rudeboy with embarrassing hand gestures and groundbreaking night vision skills on the old home video.Skandal, a real white rapper with actual skills bought this to my attention and I thought it only right that I shared it to you all, as there is so much injustice in the world.

Good old Ashdot does go on to make clear his exact pigmentation so we don't get confused, saying 'I'm not actually white, I'm more of a whitish pinky cream colour'. Thanks Ash. At last someone just had the balls to say it, white people get a hard time too, you know?

Sometimes you need to just stand up, wipe the tears of persecution from your eyes and declare: 'I'm white.'Poor Ashdot goes on to say 'I'm White,you might think that I'm shite because I'm white'...No, Ashdotman, you're just shite.

ps. I hope this is an ironic joke that I just haven't got, Please.

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