Saturday, 20 March 2010

Adjective to your mutha!!!

Reggie Watts is a ...well, he's a musician, I think, technically, but he's also a comedian, but I don't know if he makes funny music, or musical comedy.....

Hmm, fuck-shit all that anyway.

I just discovered this video whilst perusing the inter-web looking for *ahem* specialist adult entertainment, and put the words "fuck shit" into google.

He's baaad!

So I did a bit more browsing, and discovered this video, which shows his talents go beyond saying rude words, and scathing social commentaries of Hip Hop culture over a beat.....

He can also beat boxes tooo!!!!!

Surely the best skill ever!!!

Well, apart from being able to touch your nose, with your tongue, and to make balloon animals, obviously!

He has a serious singing voice also, which means despite being really hairy, and looking like he might smell a bit, he'll still draw all the Gash!!

Some brers really DO have it all!

Adidas are my favourite sports/steeetwear brand, they always come with some creative fire which strays far away from the well-trodden path that most other major sports wear brands stick too.

So it's with no small amount of pleasure that I present the new video look book to you guys.

It makes my heart sing with delight, when I see women looking beautiful on video, without being objectified, and made to look like pretty little brainless show ponies.

So it was with delight that i clocked Ciara, Agyness Deyn and a host of other independent, feisty intelligent women strutting out their personalities, and of course they fine arses too, around in what is, quite frankly, a wickedly sexy summer collection.


*Snaps finger, and wags neck*

Anyway, I'm off to practice my own beat boxing, as it ensures my future Youtube notoriety, and societies acceptance of me not ever shaving my face, or washing my balls ever again!!

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