Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Winter Crepe

I've had it, today was a fucking bad day for those like me, (though I doubt there were many) who foolishly gambled with the weather and chanced it with suede kicks. My SB's are fucked up and you know why this happened? Because I've misplaced my black on black Nike Currents. What a piss take.
But I should have known better, I should have known that now is not a time to misplace the winter footwear. So if you like me need to either dig into the crates and find that special pair that are built to take a beating. Or cop some new crepe's that will withstand the cold and wet months that are guaranteed to follow, I've got some fresh Nike drops for ya.

First off we got the Nike Air Maxin +1 with Suede Uppers and that lovely Flywire.

And next we got what I would call the sturdier of the two, the Nike Air Max 90 Current, with the nice little free sole twist.

Make the choice and get some winter shoes, dont be a victim of the rain like moi.

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