Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Overproof is 1...

So Overproof is a year old this weekend, its gone fast...our 1st party was @ short notice but turned out to be alot of fun...its not to say we outgrew The Macbeth (well we did ram it the F out a few times) but felt it time to keep it moving so we're celebrating out 1st 365 (or thereabouts) @ The Basement of The City Arts & Music Project (CAMP).

Funk Butcher will be vibesing up the place on his birthday (before I get him hammered) as will Smutlee, Cable, Urban Nerd's Ordio Kid + your residents moi + Tim & Barry!

We've reached our limit on concessions, but will extend the offer of £3 entry to anyone who copy & pastes the link from this blogpost into their email to pnblondon@gmail.com with full names & email addys.


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