Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Reset IIII

This long weekend will probably have been the most tiring of my life to date. It will have started in east at the Reset IIII 1948 on Friday, where I headed after work to see what crack the UK Streetwear brands had managed to cook up since the last one back in April, was it April? It might have been May, anyway forgive the confusion I am quite tired and confused.
I was at the Nike Reset IIII from Friday to saturday, obviously I went home but you get my drift, I was present on both days.Friday was the busier of the two plus it didn't rain and considering the past couple of days that's a massive bonus, however on Saturday it did chuck it down, nonetheless here's couple pics from Friday - Saturdays activities.

Now for the Black and White, I think these are better...

Right thats enough pics for now, I might upload some later on but I think i'm going carnival now.

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