Monday, 7 March 2011

The Curious Case of Richard Cowie

Its no mystery that Wiley's a bit of a nut nut, I like to consider him as the mad professor of Grime...creative genius but a loose cannon, following him on twitter is fucking essential to catch the random outbursts, music leaks & spontaneous hype with other artists.

Yesterday he had a barmy with Labrinth after a 'smug' tweet about going to watch the X Factor tour & later dropped the above video 'im not a hater' on youtube, this morning we got a sleepy eyed rendition of 'Just woke up' he had his daughters dancing to a beat JME made for them & also a self made advert for a new mp3 release which is basically just Wil jumping around like a kid with ADHD turning the lights on & off....golden.

Wiley, we salute you!

To be continued (i'm sure)

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