Monday, 21 March 2011

Frank Ocean (Nostalgia/ULTRA) The Weeknd (House Of Balloons)

I assume you lot know about the OFWGKTA movement, with Tyler being the front man and the centre of attention at the moment. However in the OddFuture ranks there's a R'n'b singer who goes by the name of Frank Ocean, who has recently dropped his mixtape Nostalgia/Ultra. I've had a listen and its solid, with one of my favourite's being "Swim Good." Download this!

Also you've got the Weekend. I've heard of them for a while now, the duo hail from Toronto and seem to take some inspiration from 40's ghostly production and match it with their interesting style of singing. A lot of tunes about chicks, drink, glass table girls and pills. Its a pretty dark rnb tape, but i'm digging it.

In fact both tapes are a bit grey, fuck with em.

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