Friday, 29 January 2010

Hello Culture!

Press play before on this video before you read any further…..

Done? Fantastic, then let me begin

Here at PNB we’re all about exploring new territories and experiencing the new...

So the all powerful Wizards of Oz, Motive & Merrick have decided to bestow upon you, a new regular culture section for the blog...

In which we depart from the standard formula for blogs of posting a picture of something shiny and then telling everyone a whole two words of aimless opinion on it & instead deliver some actual useful stuff, that you’ll want to read/watch/research into a little further.

The track you hear playing in the background right now is  Theophilus London’s new ridim ‘Humdrum Town”. It’s good init?! Early 90’s fashion styling, 80’s pop, slick Hip Hop bars, and a bit of eeeeeemotional singing on the top makes for an Indie Hip Hop sound that we can all fuck with!

Anyway, apparently good old Theophilus is creating quite a following in his native New York, and US, and is scheduled to hit the UK pretty soon for some live dates after he touched down @ YoYo last year. Youtube his ‘Always Love You’ video with Whitney, he looks like he knows how to smash a live show.!

All of us here @ PNB know a cult classic movie when we see one, especially if it includes a few troublesome sub-titles (La Haine, City of God and Battle Royale for example) So we’re all very excited at the arrival of the new French film ‘The Prophet’, which has a limited cinema release across the UK. Before I say anything else, just watch the trailer:

I don’t think I need to say much more, if this was an English language film, you would have all already gone and seen it, so excited, that you needed your pop corn boxes to cover your cinematic-violence induced boners!!
But it’s French so most plebs won’t bother, so you dudes get to see it, love it, make it a cult classic before these lames get to know Wha Gwan! And in two years time, when it comes on BBC2 at 1am in the morning, and everyone see’s and loves it, you can tell em how late they are!

Don’t you just love that feeling!!!


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